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Released In: The Seven Kings of the Lands
Category for Zombie.

Zombie is a race in the Force of Will card game.


Zombie is a race based on the undead creatures, typically depicted as mindless, reanimated human corpses with a hunger for human flesh.

In Force of Will, Zombies are resonators plays with the graveyard and chant-standby area.

List of Zombie Rulers/J-Rulers[]

There are currently no Rulers or J-Rulers with the Zombie race.

List of Zombie Resonators[]

D.png Arthur, the Dead Lord of Vengeance
D.png Merlin, the Wizard of Distress
D.png Prowler of Niflheim
D.png Soulless Soldier
D.png Underground Dragger


Support Card: Card Type: Card Ability:
Niflheim, the Realm of the Dead Addition : Field (Grave) Zombies you control gain [+200/+200].
Banish this card: Put the top five cards of your main deck into your graveyard.
Necromancy of the Undead Lord Addition : Resonator Added resonator gains Zombie in addition to its own races.

Added resonator gains [+200/+200].

Whenever a resonator enters your field, you may add this card from your graveyard to that resonator. (without paying the cost)