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Released In: The Dawn of Valhalla
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Wizard is a race in the Force of Will trading card game.


Wizard is a race based on people who practices magic derived from supernatural or occult sources.

In Force of Will, they are J/resonators with many different unique abilities depending on their attributes.

List of Wizard Rulers/J-Rulers[]

D.png Abdul Alhazred, the Harbinger of Despair (J-Ruler)
D.png Black Wizard (Ruler) / Black Wizard (J) (J-Ruler)
Wa.png Blue Wizard (Ruler) / Blue Wizard (J) (J-Ruler)
Wi.png Green Wizard (Ruler) / Green Wizard (J) (J-Ruler)
F.png Red Wizard (Ruler) / Red Wizard (J) (J-Ruler)
F.png Cain, the Traitor of Gods (J-Ruler)
Wa.png Royal Palace Guardian Mage, Freya (Ruler)
L.png White Wizard (Ruler) / White Wizard (J) (J-Ruler)

List of Wizard Resonators[]

L.png Healing Master
L.png Kingdom Alchemist Wizards Force
L.png Kingdom Protection Circle
L.png Merlin the Wizard of the Round Table
D.png Rasputin
L.png Trainer of Kings
L.png Warder of Light Chain


They are currently no cards that support Wizards.