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Wind Wi.png is one of the 5 attributes in the Force of Will trading card game.


Guardians of the Valleys and Forests of Valhalla.

Elves, Tree Men, and beings with infinite knowledge protect the Great Nature from harm, and make sure that the natural order is preserved for eternity.


  • Dedicated to study the nature itself, Wind practitioners have an affinity with Magic Stones. Wind has a large number of cards that allow Will ramping, Magic Stone searching, production of will of any attribute, and spell cost reduction.
  • Wind excels in Magic Stone and resonator card searching. It has some ability in the manipulation of your deck.
  • Wind has numerous card effects involving nullifying summon and normal spells as well as preventing an opponent from casting spells temporarily.
  • Graced with the nature's strong life force, Wind's resonators have unparalleled DEF. Generally, Wind resonators tend to have higher DEF than ATK.