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Water Wa.png is one of the 5 attributes in the Force of Will trading card game.


The ruler of the waters and seas of Valhalla.

Mermaids and Sea Serpents guard the waters, repelling threats and bewildering those who would challenge the might of the deep. The most meticulous and grotesque mechanisms of the famous Labyrinth also presides in this domain.


  • Water represents an endless horde of sea creatures.
  • Water excels in drawing cards.
  • Water is a trickster, so it has numerous card effects that
    • Disable or limit opponents' actions
    • Rest opposing resonators and not allowing them to Recover normally
    • Allow Water's resonators to copy another resonator's skills and powers
  • Water has mind control abilities. Water loves to take control of a resonator's brain for its cause.
  • Crafty machinery can tamper and interfere with your opponents' hand and main decks.
  • Water has some cards that allow it to nullify normal spells but not as many as Wind has.