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My Pages[]

About me[]

I run the Duel Masters wiki. I previously also ran and founded the Kaijudo wiki until the game was discontinued.

I contribute to other trading card game based wikis in differing amounts; such as setting up Force of Will cardtables and page structure. Have added cards/small bits of templates for Hearthstone, and have been helping out repairing and freshening up the Magic the Gathering wiki.

Wikis I've Edited[]

I've also made some edits to the Flight Rising wiki, as well as Yu-gi-oh in the past. One day I would love to have the Wow TCG wiki running too, but one wiki can be enough to manage at times, let alone the main few I look over (DM/FoW/Mtg).

There's an account on wowpedia (which I prefer over wowwiki for a few reasons) and Mtgsalvation for wikis not hosted on wikia system (although that still use Mediawiki).