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The Strangers of New Valhalla is the twenty first Japanese and twentieth English expansion in the Trading Card Game.


Continuing the design philosophy from the first set, rulers will not be included within New Valhalla's second set "The Strangers of New Valhalla". The card distribution rate will also take after the first set, being easier for players to collect four copies (a playset) of necessary cards.

As for characters, everybody's beloved Alice will be making a long-awaited reappearance. Also making a reappearance will be the newly unsealed Athenia, a character undoubtedly familiar to long-time veterans of Force of Will. What battles lie in wait for these two girls?[1]


Set Breakdown[]

100 different cards in total.

  • Super Rares: 10
  • Rares: 20
  • Uncommons: 30
  • Commons: 40
  • Secret Rares: ???
  • One pack will contain ten cards (with one foil).
  • One box will contain 36 packs, as well as a bonus box containing sealed format rulers, basic stones, and promo cards.


Card List[]

Card No. Name Type Attribute Rarity
SNV-001 Alice, Otherworldly Visitor Resonator Light L.png Super Rare
SNV-002 Barrier of Faith Chant/Rune Light L.png Uncommon
SNV-003 Blade of Faith Chant/Master Rune Light L.png Rare
SNV-004 Card Conscript Resonator Light L.png Common
SNV-005 Dark Alice Doll Resonator Light L.png Rare
SNV-006 God's Choice Chant Light L.png Common
SNV-007 March Hare of Valhalla Resonator Light L.png Uncommon
SNV-008 Messenger of the Sun Resonator Light L.png Common
SNV-009 Misteltein, the Pious Sword Saint Resonator Light L.png Super Rare
SNV-010 Monk Heroic Spirit Resonator Light L.png Uncommon
SNV-011 Musician of the Moon Resonator Light L.png Uncommon
SNV-012 Mysterious Welcome Party Chant Light L.png Common
SNV-013 Palace Chef Resonator Light L.png Common
SNV-014 Reginleif, Inheritor of God's Will Resonator Light L.png Rare
SNV-015 Spirit of Moonlit Nights Resonator Light L.png Common
SNV-016 Swordsman Heroic Spirit Resonator Light L.png Common
SNV-017 The Battle of Sun and Moon Chant/Rune Light L.png Uncommon
SNV-018 The Stranger from Re-Earth Chant/Rune Light L.png Rare
SNV-019 Valkyrie of the Dawn Resonator Light L.png Common
SNV-020 Wizard Heroic Spirit Resonator Light L.png Uncommon
SNV-021 All Under Heaven Shall Perish Chant/Rune Fire F.png Uncommon
SNV-022 Annihilation Dragon Resonator Fire F.png Common
SNV-023 Frontline Warrior Resonator Fire F.png Common
SNV-024 Gaze of the Fire Emperor Chant Fire F.png Common
SNV-025 Ladies of the Three Stars Resonator Fire F.png Uncommon
SNV-026 Lady Huang's Karakuri Soldiers Resonator Fire F.png Common
SNV-027 Ma'at, Arbiter of Judgment Resonator Fire F.png Rare
SNV-028 Neo-Berserk Dragon Resonator Fire F.png Rare
SNV-029 Numbing Hedgehog Resonator Fire F.png Common
SNV-030 Ruins Beneath the Sand Addition (Ancient Ruins) Fire F.png Uncommon
SNV-031 Sand Awakening Chant/Rune Fire F.png Rare
SNV-032 Sand Soldier Resonator Fire F.png Common
SNV-033 Sandora's Invasion Chant/Rune Fire F.png Uncommon
SNV-034 Scales of the Ascendant Chant Fire F.png Common
SNV-035 Searing Wall of Sand Resonator Fire F.png Uncommon
SNV-036 Sima Hui, the Crafty Tactician Resonator Fire F.png Uncommon
SNV-037 Surtr, the Sand Giant Resonator Fire F.png Super Rare
SNV-038 The Three Kingdoms Partition Plan Chant/Master Rune Fire F.png Rare
SNV-039 Underhanded Assassin Resonator Fire F.png Common
SNV-040 Zhuge Liang Resonator Fire F.png Super Rare
SNV-041 Antorite, Sealed God of the Riverbed Resonator Water Wa.png Rare
SNV-042 Bloodberry Resonator Water Wa.png Common
SNV-043 Diverse Evolution Chant/Rune Water Wa.png Uncommon
SNV-044 Guinevere, the Mobility Queen Resonator Water Wa.png Super Rare
SNV-045 Guinevere's Imperial Guard Resonator Water Wa.png Common
SNV-046 Mermaid of the Misty Spring Resonator Water Wa.png Common
SNV-047 Mordred, the Operator Resonator Water Wa.png Uncommon
SNV-048 Mutation Slime Resonator Water Wa.png Uncommon
SNV-049 Mystery Box Chant/Rune Water Wa.png Rare
SNV-050 Parallel World Schrödinger Resonator Water Wa.png Common
SNV-051 Percision-Guided Munition, Sky Beat Resonator Water Wa.png Uncommon
SNV-052 Ruins Submerged Beneath the Misty Spring Addition (Ancient Ruins) Water Wa.png Uncommon
SNV-053 Schrödinger, the Harlequin of Phenomena Resonator Water Wa.png Super Rare
SNV-054 Shackles of Mist Chant Water Wa.png Common
SNV-055 Sky Round Musketeer Resonator Water Wa.png Common
SNV-056 Skyfall Chant Water Wa.png Common
SNV-057 Skynet Chant/Master Rune Water Wa.png Rare
SNV-058 Super Mobile Fortress Camelot Resonator Water Wa.png Rare
SNV-059 Teleport Chant/Rune Water Wa.png Uncommon
SNV-060 Wheel Drone Resonator Water Wa.png Common
SNV-061 Ancient Ruins Researcher Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
SNV-062 Bullet Ball Thunder Clap Chant/Rune Wind Wi.png Rare
SNV-063 Bunbuku, the Legendary Tea Kettle Resonator Wind Wi.png Rare
SNV-064 Chamimi's Contemplation Chant Wind Wi.png Common
SNV-065 Flying Squirrel Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
SNV-066 Fox Shikigami Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
SNV-067 Friend Calling Whistle Chant/Rune Wind Wi.png Uncommon
SNV-068 Guardian Beast of Nature Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
SNV-069 Liz, Sealed God of the Island Resonator Wind Wi.png Rare
SNV-070 Magellanica, the Ball Warrior Resonator Wind Wi.png Super Rare
SNV-071 Molmol, King of Rare Beasts Resonator Wind Wi.png Uncommon
SNV-072 Ninja Students Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
SNV-073 Rikyu, Cat Tongued Tea Master Resonator Wind Wi.png Super Rare
SNV-074 Ruins Beneath the Flora Addition (Ancient Ruins) Wind Wi.png Uncommon
SNV-075 Seimei's Disciple Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
SNV-076 Storm Cat Chant Wind Wi.png Common
SNV-077 Table Flip Chant/Master Rune Wind Wi.png Rare
SNV-078 The Six Jizo Statues Resonator Wind Wi.png Uncommon
SNV-079 The Unsealing of God Chant/Rune Wind Wi.png Uncommon
SNV-080 Tsunade, Brawny Cat Ninja Resonator Wind Wi.png Uncommon
SNV-081 Amon, Conspirer of Atrocities Resonator Darkness D.png Rare
SNV-082 Astema, the Returnee of Hatred Resonator Darkness D.png Super Rare
SNV-083 Athenia, Sealed God of the Ruins Resonator Darkness D.png Super Rare
SNV-084 Black-Eyed Angel Resonator Darkness D.png Common
SNV-085 Caspiel, the Fallen Angel of Rebellion Resonator Darkness D.png Uncommon
SNV-086 Chaining Hatred Chant/Rune Darkness D.png Uncommon
SNV-087 Contract Demon Resonator Darkness D.png Uncommon
SNV-088 Corrupt Teachings Chant Darkness D.png Common
SNV-089 Dark Soldier of the Fallen Resonator Darkness D.png Common
SNV-090 Dragon Zombie Resonator Darkness D.png Uncommon
SNV-091 Graveyard Vampire Resonator Darkness D.png Common
SNV-092 March of the Dead Chant Darkness D.png Common
SNV-093 Orchard of the Immortals Addition (Ancient Ruins) Darkness D.png Uncommon
SNV-094 Orpheus, the Immortal Player Resonator Darkness D.png Rare
SNV-095 Price of Immortality Chant/Rune Darkness D.png Uncommon
SNV-096 Ruined Earth Chant/Rune Darkness D.png Rare
SNV-097 Ruins Devil Resonator Darkness D.png Common
SNV-098 Sewing Zombie Resonator Darkness D.png Common
SNV-099 Soul Prison Chant/Master Rune Darkness D.png Rare
SNV-100 Specter of the Abyss Resonator Darkness D.png Common