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The Shaft of Light of Valhalla is the third expansion in the Japanese Trading Card Game.


  • The whole expansion is merged with "The War of Valhalla" in the English release.
  • Includes new Giant types and support for a wide variety of Deity types resonators.
  • Includes support for the Knight, Samurai, Giant, Lycanthrope and Fallen Angel races and many more.
  • Includes support for Light, Fire, Water, Wind, Darkness and Void attributes.
  • 3 new Void resonators are introduced in this expansion set.

Set Breakdown[]

It contains 135 cards:

  • 5 Super Rares
  • 33 Rares
  • 46 Uncommons
  • 46 Commons
  • 5 Magic Stones

Each booster box contains 15 packs with 10 cards per packs.


Card List[]

Card No. Name Type Attribute Rarity
3-001 Sister of Linorsphairia
Light L.png Uncommon
3-002 Angrboda, the Sunset Giant Resonator Light L.png Super Rare
3-003 Eletos, the Granite Giant Resonator Light L.png Uncommon
3-004 Balder, Light God of the White Heaven Resonator Light L.png Rare
3-005 Griffon Resonator Light L.png Common
3-006 Ancient Dragon Resonator Light L.png Rare
3-007 Perseus, Divine Blade of the Gleaming Skies Resonator Light L.png Common
3-008 Merlin the Wizard of the Round Table Resonator Light L.png Rare
3-009 Warder of Light Chain Resonator Light L.png Uncommon
3-010 Brunhild, the Valkyrie Resonator Light L.png Uncommon
3-011 Knight of the Barbaric Axe Resonator Light L.png Common
3-012 Knight of the Tough Shield Resonator Light L.png Uncommon
3-013 Knight of the Twin Swords Resonator Light L.png Common
3-014 Aslan Resonator Light L.png Common
3-015 Light of Truth Addition : Field Light L.png Uncommon
3-016 Purify Souls Addition : Field Light L.png Common
3-017 Sleipnir Addition : Resonator Light L.png Common
3-018 Mjolnir, the Hammer of White Lightning Addition : Resonator Light L.png Rare
3-019 Relic Research Party Spell : Chant Light L.png Common
3-020 Head of Mimir Spell : Chant Light L.png Uncommon
3-021 Kvesa Gardula Spell : Instant Light L.png Common
3-022 Order of Retirement Spell : Instant Light L.png Rare
3-023 Fruits of Dawn Spell : Standby Light L.png Uncommon
3-024 Mumble of Summer Wind Spell : Standby Light L.png Common
3-025 Flame Entertainer
Fire F.png Uncommon
3-026 Surtr, the Incinerating Giant Resonator Fire F.png Super Rare
3-027 Bogallo, the Lava Giant Resonator Fire F.png Uncommon
3-028 Tyr, the Brave War God Resonator Fire F.png Rare
3-029 Rio, the Sword Dancer of Crimson Fire Resonator Fire F.png Common
3-030 Cannonneer of Asakna Resonator Fire F.png Uncommon
3-031 Attendant of Asakna Resonator Fire F.png Common
3-032 Guerrilla Soldier of Asakna Resonator Fire F.png Common
3-033 Manticore Resonator Fire F.png Rare
3-034 Mad Dog of Dichroite Resonator Fire F.png Common
3-035 Tinder Kobold Garou Resonator Fire F.png Common
3-036 Smaug Resonator Fire F.png Rare
3-037 Barbed Volcano Scorpion Resonator Fire F.png Uncommon
3-038 Dwarven Craftsman Resonator Fire F.png Uncommon
3-039 Gauguin's Studio Addition : Field Fire F.png Rare
3-040 Dwarven Magical Mine Addition : Field Fire F.png Uncommon
3-041 Kosetsu, Katana of Chikuzen Addition : Resonator Fire F.png Common
3-042 Mithril Armor Addition : Resonator Fire F.png Common
3-043 Inferno of Muspell Spell : Chant Fire F.png Rare
3-044 Spiral Flair Spell : Chant Fire F.png Uncommon
3-045 Reckless Strength Spell : Instant Fire F.png Common
3-046 Dragonflame Spell : Instant Fire F.png Common
3-047 Flame Snake of Manipulation Spell : Standby Fire F.png Uncommon
3-048 Flaming Scheme Spell : Standby Fire F.png Uncommon
3-049 Lailah, the Maiden of the Fountain
Water Wa.png Uncommon
3-050 Bergelmir, the Giant of Absolute Coldness Resonator Water Wa.png Super Rare
3-051 Sva, the Giant of the Sea Trench Resonator Water Wa.png Uncommon
3-052 Aegir, the Sea God of the Tempest Resonator Water Wa.png Rare
3-053 Princess of Dragon Palace Resonator Water Wa.png Uncommon
3-054 Tethys, the Wise Goddess Resonator Water Wa.png Rare
3-055 Kriti, the Water Element Resonator Water Wa.png Common
3-056 Hydra Resonator Water Wa.png Rare
3-057 Tri, the Mermaid Fencer Resonator Water Wa.png Uncommon
3-058 Medusa, the Evil Eye of Binding Resonator Water Wa.png Common
3-059 Orfeo Resonator Water Wa.png Common
3-060 Euridice Resonator Water Wa.png Common
3-061 Tortuga Resonator Water Wa.png Uncommon
3-062 Tridacna Resonator Water Wa.png Common
3-063 Commedia Erudita Addition : Field Water Wa.png Uncommon
3-064 Sea Monster Zone Addition : Field Water Wa.png Rare
3-065 Mermaid Weapon Addition : Resonator Water Wa.png Uncommon
3-066 Water Spirit Kris Knife Addition : Resonator Water Wa.png Common
3-067 Close Encounters Spell : Chant Water Wa.png Common
3-068 Mutation Potion -Activate Body Spell : Chant Water Wa.png Common
3-069 Crime of Wave and Abandon Spell : Instant Water Wa.png Uncommon
3-070 Devotion for Sound and Heat Spell : Instant Water Wa.png Uncommon
3-071 Mirror of Medusa Spell : Standby Water Wa.png Common
3-072 Breath of God Spell : Standby Water Wa.png Rare
3-073 Athenia, the Wind Master
Frigg, the Goddess of Abundance
Wind Wi.png Rare
3-074 Richesse, the Swordsman
Wind Wi.png Uncommon
3-075 Trou, the Giant of the Fairie's Stronghold Resonator Wind Wi.png Rare
3-076 Troll, the Raging Giant Resonator Wind Wi.png Uncommon
3-077 Frey, the Noble God of Sunshine Resonator Wind Wi.png Super Rare
3-078 Unicorn Resonator Wind Wi.png Uncommon
3-079 Siren of the Stream Resonator Wind Wi.png Uncommon
3-080 Maiden of Yggdrasil Resonator Wind Wi.png Rare
3-081 Fairy Dragon of Beryl Resonator Wind Wi.png Rare
3-082 Caith Sith Roun, the Weaver of Miracles Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
3-083 Caith Sith Roo, the Caller of Miracles Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
3-084 Cu Sith Rey, the Carrier of Miracles Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
3-085 Wise Elder of Elfheim Resonator Wind Wi.png Uncommon
3-086 Evergreen Sentinel Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
3-087 Waldkobold Joyy Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
3-088 Sephirothic Tree Addition : Field Wind Wi.png Rare
3-089 Caith Sith Township Addition : Field Wind Wi.png Common
3-090 Mithril Sword Addition : Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
3-091 Live Oak Helm Addition : Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
3-092 Mead of Poetry Spell : Chant Wind Wi.png Common
3-093 Mumble of Spring Wind Spell : Chant Wind Wi.png Common
3-094 Spell Transcription Spell : Instant Wind Wi.png Uncommon
3-095 Ring of Nibelungen Spell : Instant Wind Wi.png Rare
3-096 Mead of Knowledge Spell : Standby Wind Wi.png Uncommon
3-097 Morning Mist Spell : Standby Wind Wi.png Common
3-098 Laurier, the Twilight Witch
Darkness D.png Uncommon
3-099 Utgarda Loki, the Skeletal Giant Resonator Darkness D.png Rare
3-100 Cyclops, the One-eyed Giant Resonator Darkness D.png Uncommon
3-101 Hermod, Nether God of the Dark Heaven Resonator Darkness D.png Rare
3-102 Freya, Goddess of the full moon Resonator Darkness D.png Uncommon
3-103 Demon Crusader Resonator Darkness D.png Common
3-104 Shemhaza, the Fallen Angel of Alchemy Resonator Darkness D.png Super Rare
3-105 Sahriel, the Fallen Angel of Binding Resonator Darkness D.png Common
3-106 Armaros, the Fallen Angel of Negating Resonator Darkness D.png Uncommon
3-107 Fafnir Resonator Darkness D.png Rare
3-108 Empusa, the Temptation Resonator Darkness D.png Common
3-109 Death, the Pope of Nether Resonator Darkness D.png Uncommon
3-110 Twin Blade Skeleton Resonator Darkness D.png Common
3-111 Garm, the Ashen Black Resonator Darkness D.png Common
3-112 Nether Fleshpot Addition : Field Darkness D.png Uncommon
3-113 Crypt of Strustu Addition : Field Darkness D.png Common
3-114 Potion of Compensation Addition : Resonator Darkness D.png Common
3-115 Draupnir, Brace of Twin Magic Addition : Resonator Darkness D.png Rare
3-116 Cursed Doll of the Mourning Witch Spell : Chant Darkness D.png Uncommon
3-117 Sorcery of Seiz Spell : Chant Darkness D.png Common
3-118 Muddle the Ego Spell : Instant Darkness D.png Common
3-119 Tunnel Vision Spell : Instant Darkness D.png Common
3-120 Parting Gift to the Dead Spell : Standby Darkness D.png Rare
3-121 Disappear Magic Spell : Standby Darkness D.png Common
3-122 Monument of Wisdom
Vafthruthnir, the Frost Giant
Void Void.jpg Rare
3-123 Thiessen Gimmick Resonator Void Void.jpg Common
3-124 Encode Gimmick Resonator Void Void.jpg Uncommon
3-125 Tribe Gimmick Resonator Void Void.jpg Common
3-126 Monument of Rune Addition : Field Void Void.jpg Uncommon
3-127 Bind of Silence Addition : Field Void Void.jpg Common
3-128 Time of Ragnarok Spell : Chant Void Void.jpg Rare
3-129 Gungnir, the Holy Spear Spell : Instant Void Void.jpg Rare
3-130 Hoenir, the Bishop God
Odin, the Ruling God
Void Void.jpg Rare
3-131 Light Magic Stone Magic Stone Light L.png Common
3-132 Fire Magic Stone Magic Stone Fire F.png Common
3-133 Water Magic Stone Magic Stone Water Wa.png Common
3-134 Wind Magic Stone Magic Stone Wind Wi.png Common
3-135 Darkness Magic Stone Magic Stone Darkness D.png Common