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The Moonlit Savior is the tenth Japanese expansion in the Trading Card Game as well as the ninth English expansion.


Set Breakdown[]

It contains 105 cards:

  • 10 Super Rares
  • 27 Rares
  • 20 Uncommons
  • 38 Commons
  • 5 Magic Stones
  • 5 Uber Rares

※Special playmat per 3 boxes is available for only first printing product.

※Special messenger bag per 3 boxes is available for only first printing product.

※Special PR card per 1 box is available for only first printing product.

Special Announcement: Each display box will contain a paper insert. The paper inserts come in six assorted varieties. One piece of the plates will be packed at random in a display box.

Each Box in the expansion contains 36 packs with 10 cards per pack.

Card List[]

Card No. Name Type Attribute Rarity
TMS-001 Angel of Wisdom, Cherudim Resonator Light L.png Uncommon
TMS-002 Crescent Moon Magician Resonator Light L.png Rare
Friend from Another World, Kaguya
Kaguya, the Moonlit Savior
Light L.png/Wind Wi.png Rare
TMS-004 Holy Moon of Pure Nights Addition : Field (Moon) Light L.png Uncommon
TMS-005 Izanagi, Keeper of the Seal Resonator Light L.png Super Rare
TMS-006 Kaguya's Premonition Spell : Chant - Instant Light L.png Common
TMS-007 Knight of the Solstice Resonator Light L.png Rare
TMS-008 Luminescent Bamboo Bullet Spell : Chant Light L.png Rare
TMS-009 Lunar Ibis Resonator Light L.png Common
TMS-010 Moonbreeze Fairy Resonator Light L.png Common
TMS-011 Pale Savior Spell : Chant - Standby Light L.png Common
TMS-012 Seal of Shining Bamboo Addition : Resonator (Treasury Item) Light L.png Common
TMS-013 Shining Strike Spell : Chant - Instant Light L.png Uncommon
TMS-014 Temple Monk Resonator Light L.png Common
TMS-015 Tristan, the Knight of Sorrow Resonator Light L.png Common
TMS-016 Tsukuyomi Noble Resonator Light L.png Super Rare
TMS-017 Veteran Master Resonator Light L.png Common
TMS-018 Athena, Titan of Revenge Resonator Fire F.png Super Rare
TMS-019 Blazing Metropolis, Vell-Savaria Addition : Field Fire F.png Uncommon
TMS-020 Blessing of Athena Addition : Resonator Fire F.png Common
TMS-021 Demonflame Spell : Chant - Instant Fire F.png Uncommon
TMS-022 Infernal Spirit of Vell-Savaria Resonator Fire F.png Common
TMS-023 Keeper of the Future, Skuld Resonator Fire F.png Super Rare
TMS-024 Keeper of the Past, Urthr Resonator Fire F.png Rare
TMS-025 Keeper of the Present, Verdandi Resonator Fire F.png Rare
TMS-026 Memory of Disappearance Spell : Chant Fire F.png Rare
TMS-027 Memory of Flame Spell : Chant - Standby Fire F.png Common
TMS-028 Mordred, the Traitor Resonator Fire F.png Uncommon
TMS-029 Rukh Egg Resonator Fire F.png Common
TMS-030 Spirit of Certo Resonator Fire F.png Common
The Observer
Timeline Arsonist, Alisaris
Fire F.png Rare
TMS-032 Time Traveling Emissary Resonator Fire F.png Common
TMS-033 Torching the Timeline Spell : Chant - Instant Fire F.png Common
TMS-034 Vell-Savarian Dragon Resonator Fire F.png Uncommon
TMS-035 Dance of Inspiration Spell : Chant - Instant Water Wa.png Common
TMS-036 Drill Sergeant Resonator Water Wa.png Rare
TMS-037 Dying Swallow Resonator Water Wa.png Uncommon
TMS-038 Flower Kingdom Addition : Field Water Wa.png Uncommon
TMS-039 Magic Conductor's Baton Addition : Resonator Water Wa.png Common
TMS-040 Muse, Celestial of Music Resonator Water Wa.png Super Rare
TMS-041 Musician of Shangri-La Resonator Water Wa.png Common
TMS-042 Peasant Revolt Resonator Water Wa.png Common
TMS-043 Prison in the Lunar Lake Spell : Chant - Standby Water Wa.png Common
TMS-044 Puppet Soldier Resonator Water Wa.png Common
TMS-045 Shion's Hymn Spell : Chant Water Wa.png Rare
Songstress of Shangri-La
Coup d'Etat Mastermind, Shion
Water Wa.png Rare
TMS-047 The Flower Prince Resonator Water Wa.png Uncommon
TMS-048 Thumbelina Resonator Water Wa.png Rare
TMS-049 Valentina, Puppet Monarch Resonator Water Wa.png Super Rare
TMS-050 Valentina's Resistance Spell : Chant - Instant Water Wa.png Uncommon
TMS-051 Wererabbit of the Aqua Moon Resonator Water Wa.png Common
TMS-052 Ambush! Spell : Chant - Standby Wind Wi.png Common
TMS-053 Avatar of the Seven Lands, Alice Resonator Wind Wi.png Super Rare
TMS-054 Child of the Forest Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
TMS-055 Foment of the World Tree Spell : Chant Wind Wi.png Rare
TMS-056 Heart Stirring Sage Resonator Wind Wi.png Uncommon
TMS-057 Huanglong, Leader of the Four Sacred Beasts Resonator Wind Wi.png Super Rare
TMS-058 Kujata, Sacred Ox Resonator Wind Wi.png Rare
TMS-059 Moonbreeze Elf Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
TMS-060 Pricia's Call to Action Spell : Chant - Instant Wind Wi.png Common
TMS-061 Rhythm of Life Addition : Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
TMS-062 Servant to the Sacred Moon Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
TMS-063 Timekeeper Elf Resonator Wind Wi.png Uncommon
TMS-064 Wall of Wind Spell : Chant - Instant Wind Wi.png Uncommon
TMS-065 Wind-Secluded Refuge Addition : Field Wind Wi.png Uncommon
TMS-066 Wolf in the Moonlight Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
TMS-067 World Tree Protector Resonator Wind Wi.png Rare
TMS-068 Yggdrasil, the World Tree Ruler Wind Wi.png Rare
TMS-069 Auspicious Bird of the Black Moon Resonator Darkness D.png Common
TMS-070 Black Moon Fairy Resonator Darkness D.png Common
TMS-071 Call of the Primogenitor Spell : Chant - Instant Darkness D.png Common
Conqueror of the Black Moon, Gill Lapis
Gill Lapis, the Primogenitor
Darkness D.png Rare
TMS-073 Demon of the Black Moon, Lilith Resonator Darkness D.png Rare
TMS-074 Demonic Commander Resonator Darkness D.png Rare
TMS-075 Fallen Angelic Destroyer, Lucifer Resonator Darkness D.png Super Rare
TMS-076 Fallen Hero Resonator Darkness D.png Uncommon
TMS-077 Izanami, the Sealed Terror Resonator Darkness D.png Super Rare
TMS-078 Izanami's Curse Spell : Chant - Instant Darkness D.png Uncommon
TMS-079 Knight's Shade Resonator Darkness D.png Common
TMS-080 Nighttime Raiders Spell : Chant - Standby Darkness D.png Common
TMS-081 Pitch Black Moon Addition : Field (Moon) Darkness D.png Uncommon
TMS-082 Silencing Spell Addition : Resonator Darkness D.png Common
TMS-083 Space-Time Collapse Spell : Chant Darkness D.png Rare
TMS-084 The Executioner Resonator Darkness D.png Common
TMS-085 Witch of the Night Resonator Darkness D.png Uncommon
TMS-086 Magic Screw Addition : Resonator Void Void.jpg Common
TMS-087 Marybell, Insane Self-Aware Machine Resonator Void Void.jpg Rare
TMS-088 Pricia, Pursuant of Exploding Flame Resonator Fire F.png/Wind Wi.png Rare
TMS-089 Seal of Wind and Light Spell : Chant - Instant Light L.png/Wind Wi.png Common
TMS-090 Space-Time Anomaly Spell : Chant - Instant Water Wa.png/Darkness D.png Common
TMS-091 Blade of the Seven Lands, Excalibur X Regalia Void Void.jpg Rare
TMS-092 Heavenly Instrument, Hydromonica Regalia Void Void.jpg Rare
TMS-093 Illusory Demonic Globe, The Earth Regalia Void Void.jpg Rare
TMS-094 Interdimensional Vessel, Apollo Regalia Void Void.jpg Rare
TMS-095 Orb of Disaster, Ifrit Glass Regalia Void Void.jpg Rare
TMS-096 Black Moon's Memoria Special Magic Stone Darkness D.png/Moon Moon.png Rare
TMS-097 Disaster's Memoria Special Magic Stone Fire F.png Rare
TMS-098 Hymnal's Memoria Special Magic Stone Water Wa.png Rare
TMS-099 Moonbreeze's Memoria Special Magic Stone Light L.png/Moon Moon.png Rare
TMS-100 Yggdrasil's Memoria Special Magic Stone Wind Wi.png Rare
TMS-101 Darkness Magic Stone Magic Stone Darkness D.png N/A
TMS-102 Fire Magic Stone Magic Stone Fire F.png N/A
TMS-103 Light Magic Stone Magic Stone Light L.png N/A
TMS-104 Water Magic Stone Magic Stone Water Wa.png N/A
TMS-105 Wind Magic Stone Magic Stone Wind Wi.png N/A