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The Epic of the Dragon Lord is the twenty seventh English expansion in the Trading Card Game.




Set Breakdown[]

101 different cards in total.

  • Rulers: 6
  • Marvel Rares: 5
  • Super Rares: 15
  • Rares: 20
  • Normals: 55
  • One pack will contain ten cards (six commons, one rare/super rare/marvel rare, one foil, one basic magic stone, and one token).
  • One box will contain 36 packs, as well as a promo card.


Card List[]

Card No. Name Type Attribute Rarity
EDL-001 Dispelling Stone Chant (Treasure) Light L.png Normal
EDL-002 Endless Starlight, the Star Sword Chant Light L.png Super Rare
EDL-003 Exorcist Mage at the Academy Resonator Light L.png Rare
EDL-004 Flute, Captive Dragonoid Child
Group of Comets
Resonator {Alternative}
Chant {Alternative}
Light L.png Super Rare
EDL-005 Grace of the Star Chant Light L.png Normal
EDL-006 Light Servant of Ragnarok Resonator Light L.png Normal
EDL-007 Magic Bird Resonator Light L.png Normal
EDL-008 Magic Crest of Light Addition (Magic Crest) Light L.png Normal
EDL-009 Oborozuki, Star Sword Visionary
Oborozuki, Star Sword Visionary (J)
Light L.png
Light L.png/Darkness D.png
EDL-010 Pilgrim of the Star Resonator Light L.png Normal
EDL-011 Reiya, Spawn of the Star
Twinkle of the Star
Resonator {Alternative}
Chant {Alternative}
Light L.png Marvel Rare
EDL-012 Silmeria, Summoner of Spirits
Dance of Spirits
Resonator {Alternative}
Chant {Alternative}
Light L.png Rare
EDL-013 Spirit of Light Resonator Light L.png Normal
EDL-014 Spirit of the Star Resonator Light L.png Normal
EDL-015 Star Dragon Resonator Light L.png Super Rare
EDL-016 Starlit Canopy Addition Light L.png Rare
EDL-017 The Hidden History - "Oborozuki" Addition Light L.png Normal
EDL-018 The Showdown with Ragnarok Chant Light L.png Normal
EDL-019 Twinkling Dragon Resonator Light L.png Normal
EDL-020 Arle, the Seven-Tailed Fox
Arle's Flame
Resonator {Alternative}
Chant {Alternative}
Fire F.png Marvel Rare
EDL-021 Burning Rabbit Dash Chant Fire F.png Rare
EDL-022 Chasing Dragon Resonator Fire F.png Normal
EDL-023 Claw of the Dragonoid Chant (Treasure) Fire F.png Normal
EDL-024 Contract with the Fox God Chant Fire F.png Normal
EDL-025 Cook at the Academy Resonator Fire F.png Normal
EDL-026 Fire Servant of Ragnarok Resonator Fire F.png Normal
EDL-027 Groundsplitter Rabbit
Split Heaven and Earth (A)
Resonator {Alternative}
Chant {Alternative}
Fire F.png Super Rare
EDL-028 Hoelle Pig (A)
Food Supply (A)
Resonator {Alternative}
Chant {Alternative}
Fire F.png Normal
EDL-029 Hunting Dragon Resonator Fire F.png Super Rare
EDL-030 Injured Fox Resonator Fire F.png Normal
EDL-031 Lilias, Last Descendant of Dragonoids
Lilias, Last Descendant of Dragonoids (J)
Fire F.png Ruler
EDL-032 Lilias's Mentor Resonator Fire F.png Rare
EDL-033 Lilias's Strike Chant Fire F.png Normal
EDL-034 Magic Crest of Fire Addition (Magic Crest) Fire F.png Normal
EDL-035 Shrine of the Dragonoids Addition Fire F.png Normal
EDL-036 Spirit of Scorched Bales Resonator Fire F.png Super Rare
EDL-037 The Hidden History - "Lilias" Addition Fire F.png Normal
EDL-038 Thunder Wolf
Thunder (A)
Resonator {Alternative}
Chant {Alternative}
Fire F.png Rare
EDL-039 Academy Guard of Lykeion Resonator Water Wa.png Normal
EDL-040 Appraisal of Treasures Chant Water Wa.png Normal
EDL-041 Chelina. Sorceress of Sending Back
Send Back (A)
Resonator {Alternative}
Chant {Alternative}
Water Wa.png Rare
EDL-042 Crown of the Ancient King Chant (Treasure) Water Wa.png Normal
EDL-043 Endless Purse Chant (Treasure) Water Wa.png Normal
EDL-044 Insatiable Desire for Treasure Chant Water Wa.png Normal
EDL-045 Jewel of the Panda King Chant (Treasure) Water Wa.png Super Rare
EDL-046 Kiki, Selesta's Partner
Kiki's Exploration
Resonator {Alternative}
Chant {Alternative}
Water Wa.png Marvel Rare
EDL-047 Magic Crest of Water Addition (Magic Crest) Water Wa.png Normal
EDL-048 Mermaid's Thunder Parasol Chant (Treasure) Water Wa.png Rare
EDL-049 Mirage, Fantasy Guide
Foresee (A)
Resonator {Alternative}
Chant (Mage Art) {Alternative}
Water Wa.png Super Rare
EDL-050 Selesta, Treasure Hunter
Selesta, Treasure Hunter (J)
Water Wa.png Ruler
EDL-051 Skycover Squirrel Resonator Water Wa.png Normal
EDL-052 The Hidden History - "Selesta" Addition Water Wa.png Normal
EDL-053 The Library of Lykeion Addition Water Wa.png Normal
EDL-054 Water Servant of Ragnarok Resonator Water Wa.png Normal
EDL-055 Water Spirit of the Lamp Resonator Water Wa.png Rare
EDL-056 Waterfront Frog Resonator Water Wa.png Normal
EDL-057 Wise Dragon Resonator Water Wa.png Super Rare
EDL-058 Altesing, Mischievous Boy
A Glimpse of the Prodigy
Resonator {Alternative}
Chant {Alternative}
Wind Wi.png Marvel Rare
EDL-059 Altesing's Secret Hideout Addition Wind Wi.png Normal
EDL-060 Elixir, Crest Researcher
Research Results
Resonator {Alternative}
Chant {Alternative}
Wind Wi.png Super Rare
EDL-061 Elixir's Love Chant Wind Wi.png Normal
EDL-062 Lykeion, the Magic Academy Addition Wind Wi.png Rare
EDL-063 Magic Crest of Wind Addition (Magic Crest) Wind Wi.png Normal
EDL-064 Magical Dragon Resonator Wind Wi.png Super Rare
EDL-065 Magical Wind Arrow Chant Wind Wi.png Normal
EDL-066 Monstrous Rush Chant Wind Wi.png Super Rare
EDL-067 Perpetual Student at the Academy Resonator Wind Wi.png Normal
EDL-068 Spirit of Magic Resonator Wind Wi.png Rare
EDL-069 Spirit of the Soil
Loamy Soil
Resonator {Alternative}
Chant {Alternative}
Wind Wi.png Rare
EDL-070 Stormy Sky Chant Wind Wi.png Normal
EDL-071 Student at the Academy Resonator Wind Wi.png Normal
EDL-072 The Grimoire of the Seven Luminaries Chant (Treasure) Wind Wi.png Normal
EDL-073 Unceasing Wind Chant Wind Wi.png Normal
EDL-074 Welser, the Progenitor of Magic
Welser, the Progenitor of Magic (J)
Wind Wi.png Ruler
EDL-075 Wind of the Star Chant Wind Wi.png Normal
EDL-076 Wind Servant of Ragnarok Resonator Wind Wi.png Normal
EDL-077 Abhorrent Revival Chant Darkness D.png Normal
EDL-078 Arm of the Demon Chant (Treasure) Darkness D.png Normal
EDL-079 Bone Dragon Resonator Darkness D.png Super Rare
EDL-080 Darkness Servant of Ragnarok Resonator Darkness D.png Normal
EDL-081 Frightened Villager Resonator Darkness D.png Normal
EDL-082 Gravekeeper at the Academy Resonator Darkness D.png Normal
EDL-083 Interdimensional Graveyard Addition Darkness D.png Rare
EDL-084 Isolated Demon of Revenge Resonator Darkness D.png Rare
EDL-085 Lonely Vampire Resonator Darkness D.png Normal
EDL-086 Lord of the Undead
Deadly Dive
Resonator {Alternative}
Chant {Alternative}
Darkness D.png Rare
EDL-087 Magic Crest of Darkness Addition (Magic Crest) Darkness D.png Normal
EDL-088 Mikage Seijuro, Interdimensional Messenger
Mikage Seijuro, Interdimensional Messenger (J)
Darkness D.png Ruler
EDL-089 Ominous Moon, the Lunar Sword Chant Darkness D.png Super Rare
EDL-090 Reaper Knight
Endless Night (A)
Resonator {Alternative}
Chant {Alternative}
Darkness D.png Normal
EDL-091 The Battle comes to an end, and then... Chant Darkness D.png Normal
EDL-092 The Elegant Mikage Sisters
Eternal Recurrence (A)
Resonator {Alternative}
Chant {Alternative}
Darkness D.png Super Rare
EDL-093 The Hidden History - "Mikage" Addition Darkness D.png Normal
EDL-094 Tsuiya, Cursed Spawn of the Star
Curse of Ragnarok
Resonator {Alternative}
Chant {Alternative}
Darkness D.png Marvel Rare
EDL-095 Tsuiya's Darkness Chant Darkness D.png Normal
EDL-096 Ragnarok, Invading Dragon Lord Ruler Void Void.jpg Ruler
EDL-097 Epic Stone of the Blood Special Magic Stone Darkness D.png Rare
EDL-098 Epic Stone of the Dragon Special Magic Stone Fire F.png Rare
EDL-099 Epic Stone of the Elements Special Magic Stone Wind Wi.png Rare
EDL-100 Epic Stone of the Star Special Magic Stone Light L.png Rare
EDL-101 Epic Stone of the Treasure Special Magic Stone Water Wa.png Rare
EDL-102 Darkness Magic Stone Basic Magic Stone Darkness D.png No Rarity
EDL-103 Fire Magic Stone Basic Magic Stone Fire F.png No Rarity
EDL-104 Light Magic Stone Basic Magic Stone Light L.png No Rarity
EDL-105 Water Magic Stone Basic Magic Stone Water Wa.png No Rarity
EDL-106 Wind Magic Stone Basic Magic Stone Wind Wi.png No Rarity