Knights of the Round Table is a Light L starter deck.


  • Knights of the Round Table is one of the five starter deck from the Valhalla Cluster.
  • Each starter deck contains 50 cards totals which includes (1) Starter Exclusive Ruler, (1) Limited Super Rare and (2) Starter Exclusive Rare.
  • Each starter deck comes with (1) Reference, (1) Rule Sheet and (1) Play mat.

Card ListEdit

Card No. Quantity Name Type Attribute Rarity
S-001 1 Delphinius, the Knight of the Sun
Apollon, the God of Light
Light L Starter Exclusive
S-002 1 Michael, the Archangel Resonator Light L Starter Exclusive
S-003 2 Rukh, the Pure White Divine Hawk Resonator Light L Starter Exclusive
1-005 4 Lofty Knight Resonator Light L Common
1-007 4 Order of Gartar Resonator Light L Common
1-011 1 Garahad, the Oracle Knight Resonator Light L Rare
1-012 2 Shield Bearer of the Kingdom Resonator Light L Common
1-015 4 Ironwall Monk Resonator Light L Common
1-016 4 Kingdom Alchemist Wizards Force Resonator Light L Common
1-017 2 Healing Master Resonator Light L Common
1-019 4 Sleeping Lion Resonator Light L Common
1-025 2 Benem, the Guardian Angel Resonator Light L Common
1-031 2 Power from Inside Addition : Resonator Light L Common
1-035 2 Restoration Spell : Chant Light L Common
1-040 4 Head On Attack Spell : Chant - Instant Light L Common
1-048 2 Castling Spell : Chant - Standby Light L Uncommon
1-202 10 Light Magic Stone Magic Stone Light L Common