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The Lost Tomes is the Void Void.jpg starter deck for the Reiya Cluster.


The deck contains:


Card List[]

Card No. Quantity Name Type Attribute
SDR6-001 4 Venus, Magus of the Metal Star Resonator Light L.png
SDR6-002 4 Chrono Researcher, Alisaris Resonator Fire F.png
SDR6-003 4 Sylvia, the Slave Girl Resonator Fire F.png
SDR6-004 4 Saturneus, Enchanter of the Earth Star Resonator Water Wa.png
SDR6-005 4 Scant Vision Chant (Historical) Water Wa.png
SDR6-006 4 Jupiter, Warlock of the Wood Star Resonator Wind Wi.png
SDR6-007 4 Viola, Treacherous Maiden Resonator Wind Wi.png
SDR6-008 4 Blazer, the Legendary Thief Resonator Darkness D.png
SDR6-009 4 Rachel, Nephilim Contract Maker Resonator Darkness D.png
SDR6-010 4 Forbidden Arts Chant (Historical) Light L.png/Darkness D.png
SDR6-011 1 Gill Alhama'at, He Who Controls the Taboo
Gill Alhama'at, Treasonous Emperor
Light L.png/Darkness D.png
SDR6-012 1 Alhama'at's Ultra Magic Stone True Magic Stone Void Void.jpg
SDR6-013 4 Historical Magic Stone Special Magic Stone Void Void.jpg
SDR6-014 1 Darkness Magic Stone Basic Magic Stone Darkness D.png
SDR6-015 1 Fire Magic Stone Basic Magic Stone Fire F.png
SDR6-016 1 Light Magic Stone Basic Magic Stone Light L.png
SDR6-017 1 Water Magic Stone Basic Magic Stone Water Wa.png
SDR6-018 1 Wind Magic Stone Basic Magic Stone Wind Wi.png