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King of the Mountain is the Light L.png starter deck for the Reiya Cluster.


This deck makes heavy usage of the new mechanic, Gems. Most of the cards either generate new gems, or require them to access new abilities and stat boosts.


The deck contains:


Card List[]

Card No. Quantity Name Type Attribute Rarity
SDR1-001 4 Diamond, the One-Eyed Treasury Magician Resonator Light L.png Super Rare
SDR1-002 4 Gem Blade Onyx Resonator Light L.png Super Rare
SDR1-003 4 Gem Blade Ruby Resonator Light L.png Uncommon
SDR1-004 4 Gem Blade Sapphire Resonator Light L.png Uncommon
SDR1-005 4 Gem Craftsman Resonator Light L.png Rare
SDR1-006 4 Gem Trader Resonator Light L.png Common
SDR1-007 4 Jewel Burst Chant Light L.png Rare
SDR1-008 4 Jewel Shield Chant Light L.png Common
SDR1-009 4 Jewel Sword Chant Light L.png Common
SDR1-010 1 Taegrus Pearlshine
Taegrus Pearlshine, Lord of the Mountain
Light L.png Ruler
SDR1-011 4 White Raven Resonator Light L.png Common
SDR1-012 4 Ore From The Treasure Mountain Special Magic Stone Light L.png Rare
SDR1-013 6 Light Magic Stone Basic Magic Stone Light L.png No Rarity