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Alice Cluster Starter Deck: Faria, the Sacred Queen and Melgis, the Flame King is a Light L.png and Fire F.png dual starter deck package.


  • Faria, the Sacred Queen and Melgis, the Flame King are the first two starter decks from the Alice Cluster.
  • Each starter deck package contains 2 complete decks (1 Ruler, main deck (50 cards), Magic stone deck (10 cards) ) x2.
  • Each starter deck package comes with 2 play sheets, 2 manual for beginners and advanced rules.
  • Contains an extra full art, no text version of one of the five Magic Stones in The Crimson Moon's Fairy Tale expansion.
  • Introduces the Bishop, Egg, Holy Beast and Seven Kings race.
  • Introduces the Regalia card type and the God's Art abilities.
  • Includes support for the Dragon, Knight and Knight of the Round Table races.


In the world of Grimm, Alice repelled Blazer, the Eater of Dimensions, an invader from a different world. But Blazer was just an advance guard and Alice already knew the mastermind that had sent them: the person who had destroyed Alice’s hometown. Alice halted the enemy’s plans and found herself within a different dimension. The stage is set for the next FORCE OF WILL cluster, the battelfield of the 7 kings!

Two complete decks containing cards from the Alice Cluster including Faria, the Sacred king and Melgis, the Flame King. A new type of card “The Sacred Treasures” will also be included!

Faria, the Sacred Queen Card List[]

Card No. Quantity Name Type Attribute Rarity
VS01-001 4 Blessed Holy Wolf Resonator Light L.png Common
VS01-002 2 Excalibur, the God's Sword Regalia (God's Item) Void Void.jpg Rare
1 Faria, the Sacred Queen
Faria, the Ruler of God Sword
Light L.png Rare
VS01-004 2 Galahad, the Son of the God Resonator Light L.png Rare
VS01-005 1 Gawain, the Knight of the Sun Resonator Light L.png Super Rare
VS01-006 4 Gloria's Castle Town Addition: Field (Castle) Light L.png Uncommon
VS01-007 4 Gwiber, the White Dragon Resonator Light L.png Uncommon
VS01-008 4 Herald of Sacred Queen Resonator Light L.png Common
VS01-009 4 Justice of God's Sword Spell: Chant-Standby Light L.png Uncommon
VS01-010 4 Order of Sacred Queen Spell: Chant Light L.png Common
VS01-011 1 Perceval, the Seeker of Holy Grail Resonator Light L.png Super Rare
VS01-012 4 Pride of Knights Spell: Chant-Instant Light L.png Common
VS01-013 4 Temple Monk Resonator Light L.png Common
VS01-014 4 Tristan, the Knight of Sorrow Resonator Light L.png Uncommon
VS01-015 4 Veteran Master Resonator Light L.png Common
VS01-016 4 Young Knight of Gloria Resonator Light L.png Common
VS01-034 10 Light Magic Stone Magic Stone Light L.png No Rarity

Melgis, the Flame King Card List[]

Card No. Quantity Name Type Attribute Rarity
VS01-017 4 Certo, the Blazing Volcano Addition: Field (Mountain) Fire F.png Uncommon
VS01-018 4 Demonflame Spell: Chant-Instant Fire F.png Common
VS01-019 4 Dragoon of Certo Resonator Fire F.png Common
VS01-020 4 Draig, the Red Dragon Resonator Fire F.png Uncommon
VS01-021 4 Flame King's Shout Spell: Chant Fire F.png Common
VS01-022 4 Flamewing Wyvern Resonator Fire F.png Common
VS01-023 4 Flash of Demon Sword Spell: Chant-Standby Fire F.png Uncommon
VS01-024 1 Guinevere, the Jealous Queen Resonator Fire F.png Super Rare
VS01-025 4 Hector de Maris, the Acolyte of Mad Demon Resonator Fire F.png Uncommon
VS01-026 2 Laevateinn, the Demon Sword Regalia (God's Item) Void Void.jpg Rare
VS01-027 1 Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon Resonator Fire F.png Super Rare


1 Melgis, the Flame King
Melgis, the One Charmed by the Demon Sword


Fire F.png Rare
VS01-029 2 Mordred, the Traitor Resonator Fire F.png Rare
VS01-030 4 Rukh Egg Resonator Fire F.png Common
VS01-031 4 Spirit of Certo Resonator Fire F.png Common
VS01-032 4 Whelp Drake Resonator Fire F.png Common
VS01-033 10 Fire Magic Stone Magic Stone Fire F.png No Rarity