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Elemental Surge is the Wind Wi.png starter deck for the Reiya Cluster.


The deck contains:


Card List[]

Card No. Quantity Name Type Attribute Rarity
SDR4-001 4 Cecil Letoliel, Elven Prince Resonator Wind Wi.png Super Rare
SDR4-002 4 Elven Guide Resonator Wind Wi.png Rare
SDR4-003 4 Gentle Breeze Elemental Chant (Spirit Magic/Elemental) Wind Wi.png Common
SDR4-004 1 Gill
Gill, the Gifted Conjurer
Wind Wi.png Ruler
SDR4-005 4 Guardian of the Portal Resonator Wind Wi.png Uncommon
SDR4-006 4 Leaf Fighter Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
SDR4-007 4 Leaf Magician Resonator Wind Wi.png Uncommon
SDR4-008 4 Travelling Trader Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
SDR4-009 4 Tree Root Sprite Resonator Wind Wi.png Super Rare
SDR4-010 4 Vanish Chant (Spirit Magic) Wind Wi.png Rare
SDR4-011 4 Winds of Vitality Chant (Spirit Magic) Wind Wi.png Common
SDR4-012 4 Spirit Stone Special Magic Stone Wind Wi.png Rare
SDR4-013 6 Wind Magic Stone Basic Magic Stone Wind Wi.png No Rarity