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Below the Waves is the Water Wa.png starter deck for the Reiya Cluster.


The deck contains:



Card No. Quantity Name Type Attribute Rarity
SDR3-001 4 Angelic Voice Mermaid Resonator Water Wa.png Common
SDR3-002 4 Aqua Rifle Mermaid Resonator Water Wa.png Rare
SDR3-003 4 Cleansing Rain Chant Water Wa.png Rare
SDR3-004 4 Giant Sea Jelly Resonator Water Wa.png Uncommon
SDR3-005 4 Peko, the Wise Dolphin Resonator Water Wa.png Super Rare
SDR3-006 4 Princess Shaela's Attendant Resonator Water Wa.png Common
SDR3-007 1 Shaela

Shaela, the Mermaid Princess



Water Wa.png Ruler
SDR3-008 4 Stormbolt Chant Water Wa.png Common
SDR3-009 4 The White Whale Resonator Water Wa.png Uncommon
SDR3-010 4 Wave Rider Mermaid Resonator Water Wa.png Super Rare
SDR3-011 4 Weather Change: Rain Chant Water Wa.png Common
SDR3-012 4 Shoal Coral Stone Special Magic Stone Water Wa.png Rare
SDR3-013 6 Water Magic Stone Basic Magic Stone Water Wa.png Common