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Released In: The Dawn of Valhalla
Category for Spirit.

Spirit is a race in the Force of Will trading card game.

List of Spirit Rulers/J-Rulers[]

Wa.png Nymph (J-Ruler)
F.png Salamander (J-Ruler)
D.png Shade (J-Ruler)
L.png Sol (J-Ruler)
Wi.png Sylph (J-Ruler)
Wi.png Titania, the Fairy Queen (J-Ruler)
Wa.png Undine, the Spirit (J-Ruler)

List of Spirit Resonators[]

Wi.png Alseid, the Amorous Spirit
Wi.png Djinn, the Spirit of Lamp
F.png Efreet, the Blazing Elemental
Wi.png Faun, the Player of Stub
F.png Flame Djinn
Wi.png Gnome, Element of Earth
D.png Jack-o-Lantern
Wa.png Kriti, the Water Element
F.png Milest, the Invisible Ghostly Flame
Wa.png Moojdart, the Queen of Fantasy World
F.png Spirit of Certo
Wi.png Spirit of Yggdrasil
Wi.png Spriggan, the Treasure Watch
Wi.png Sprout of Treasure Tree
Wi.png Tempting Alraune
L.png Tinker Bell, the Spirit
Wa.png Tsunami Spirit
L.png White Spirit
L.png Will-o'-the-Wisp
Wi.png Yggnitsvay, the Guardian of Green Branch


Support Card: Card Type: Card Ability:
Surging Battle Cry Addition : Field [Continuous] Each [Race:Deity] resonator gains [+200/+200].

[Continuous] Each [Race:Spirit] resonator gains [+300/+300].

Aladdin's Lamp Addition : Field (Treasury Item) [Continuous] At the beginning of your main phase, you may reveal your hand. If you have no Spirit resonators in your hand, you may search your main deck for a Spirit resonator, reveal it and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your deck.