This J-Ruler is the J-activated side of Shaela .
Shaela, the Mermaid Princess
Shaela, the Mermaid Princess
Attribute(s): Water Wa
Card Type: J-Ruler
Race(s): Mermaid
ATK/DEF: 1000 / 1200
Abilities: The weather is rain.

When this card enters the field ⇒ Draw a card.

<Thunder parasol> Void 0 the weather is thunderstorm until end of turn.

<Thunder Parasol> [God's Art] "Indignation" Wa, remove two electricity counters from this card: Destroy target J/resonator. Rest all resonators your opponent controls.

Flavor Text:
"Oh? Looks like good weather today."
Illustrator: SIE NANAHARA
Sets and Rarity
Below the Waves
(SDR3-007 J — R)