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Seven Luminaries Mage
Mercurius, Wizard of the Water Star.jpg
Released In: Starter Deck: Malefic Ice
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Seven Luminaries Mage is a type of Race introduced in Starter Deck: Malefic Ice


The Seven Luminaries Mages are humans who possess magical powers. They are all named after celestial bodies.

This race is closely related to the Dark Commander race, as all the Rulers become that race when J-Activated.

List of Seven Luminaries Mage Rulers / J-Rulers[]

Wa.png Mercurius, Wizard of the Water Star (Ruler) / Wa.png Mercurius, Dark Commander of Ice (J-Ruler)
F.png Mars, Fortuneteller of the Fire Star (Ruler) / F.png Mars, Dark Commander of Fire (J-Ruler)
F.pngWa.png Sol, Hierophant of the Helio Star (Ruler) / F.pngWa.png Sol, Dark Commander of Steam (J-Ruler)

List of Seven Luminaries Mage Resonators[]

Wa.png Luna, Magician of the Moon Star