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Released In: The Dawn of Valhalla
Category for Samurai.

Samurai is a race in the Force of Will trading card game.


Samurai is a race based on the military nobility of medieval in early-modern Japan.

In Force of Will, they are offensive J/resonators that can quickly attack upon entering the field.

List of Samurai Rulers/J-Rulers[]

F.png Raging Flame Kabuki (Ruler)
F.png Ushuah, the Flame Samurai Swordman (Ruler)
F.png Warlord of Exploding Flame (Ruler) / Warlord of Exploding Flame (J) (J-Ruler)

List of Samurai Resonators[]

F.png Attendant of Asakna
F.png Battle Archer of Asakna
F.png Cavalry of Asakna
F.png Cannonneer of Asakna
F.png Charger of Asakna
F.png Guardian of Asakna
F.png Guerrilla Soldier of Asakna
F.png Rio, the Sword Dancer of Crimson Fire
F.png Shock Troop of Asakna
F.png Suicidal Troop of Asakna


Support Card: Card Type: Card Ability:
Shuren, the King of Supremacy Ruler [J-Activate] Pay F.png F.png F.png, choose a card in your hand at random and discard it.

[Continuous] Your [Race:Samurai] resonators gains [+200/+0]

Kanna, the Oracle of Flames Resonator [Continuous] This card cannot be attacked by your opponent's resonators.

[Activate] Pay F.png F.png F.png, Rest.png , return a [Race:Samurai] resonator in your field to its owner's hand: Put a [Race:Deity] resonator from your hand into your field.

Kosetsu, Katana of Chikuzen Addition : Resonator [Continuous] Resonator with this gains [+400/+0].

[Continuous] [Race:Swordsman] or [Race:Samurai] resonator with this gains [+200/+0].