Force of Will TCG Wiki

Runes are special cards played from a zone called the rune area.


These cards start the game face down in your rune area as a set of five, similar to how the grimoire mechanic works.

Runes are limited to one copy per deck.

Your rune deck may consist of up to 5 total runes of any varying cost, and Divinity cost.

Rulers have a Divinity of 10. Meaning you can keep playing runes from your rune deck, until you meet the 10 required Divinity. Any cards from the rune deck that would exceed the Divinity limit of 10, can not be played for the rest of that game.

If a Rune says Rune/Chant or some other typing besides chant that might exist, you may run it in your main deck too if you so choose. The total amount of copies per rune can not exceed 4.

Runes are played at Chant speed, unless stated otherwise.