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Alice in Wonderland, a Ruler from the Grimm Cluster.

Rulers are cards that act as the player's avatar.


  • Ruler cards are placed in your Ruler Area at the start of each game.
  • A Ruler mostly defines your deck type and play style.
  • During the Main Phase, a Ruler may be Rest.png Rested to call the top of the Magic Stone Deck into your Magic Stone Area.
  • A Ruler has certain Abilities that may be used to give you an advantage.
  • During the turn player's Main Phase, if the Chase Area is empty, a Ruler may pay their [Judgement] condition while in Recover state to do Judgement (also known as [J-Activate]). The Ruler card is then flipped over to its other side to reveal the J-Ruler.


  • For a list of Rulers, see here.