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Rukh Egg
Rukh Egg.jpg
Attribute(s): Fire F.png
Card Type: Resonator
Race(s): Egg
Cost: 1F.png
ATK/DEF: 0 / 200
Abilities: This card cannot attack.

When this card is put into a graveyard from your field, search your main deck for a fire resonator, reveal it and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your main deck.

Flavor Text:
Soldiers of Certo often go pick up eggs to get food, but some of them
become food themselves for what is born from these eggs.
Sets and Rarity
[Alice Cluster] Starter Deck: Faria, the Sacred Queen and Melgis, the Flame King
(VS01-030 — Common)
[Alice Cluster] The Moonlit Savior
(TMS-029 — Common)