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This J-Ruler is the J-activated side of Rezzard, the Undead Lord .
Rezzard, the Desecrating Vampire
Rezzard, the Desecrating Vampire.jpg
Attribute(s): Darkness D.png
Card Type: J-Ruler
Race(s): Seven Kings / Vampire
ATK/DEF: 500 / 500
Abilities: [Imperishable]

When this card enters your field, you may put up to two cards from your hand into your chant-stanby area face down.

This card gains [+200/+200] for each card in your chant-standby area.

God's Art <March of Undead> D.png D.png Void 4.png : Remove any number of resonators in your graveyard from the game. For each card removed this way, each player banishes a resonator and discards a card. (Play God's Art <March of Undead> only once per game.)

Flavor Text:
"Death comes to all, without distinction.
I am the only exception."
Sets and Rarity
[Alice Cluster] The Seven Kings of the Lands
(SKL-077J — Rare)