Force of Will TCG Wiki

Rest is an action of turning a card from recovered (portrait) position into rested (landscape) position, while Recover is an action of turning a card from rested (landscape) position into recovered (portrait) position.


Magic Conductor's Baton makes you Rest a Resonator to Recover another Resonator. A perfect example of an ability that contains both Rest and Recover in one card.

  • To rest a card, turn the card into rested position. To recover a card, turn the card to the recovered position.
  • If a card has Rest.png symbol, it means "to rest this recovered card".

Rest and Recover are the most common action in the game, along with Draw card. This is emphasized by the fact that during a player's turn, each card he/she control will recover during his/her Recovery phase.

In Force of Will, Rest and Recover serves either as a mandatory action to do another action, as a cost, as a trick to disable another card, etc. They have an almost infinite purposes to the point that the very core concept of the game is about Rest and Recovering cards. Some purposes of Rest and Recover are the following:

  1. Rest a J/Resonator to Declare an Attacking or Blocking J/Resonator.
  2. Rest a card to activate its activated abilities that has Rest.png as its cost.
  3. Rest a Magic Stone to produce Will.
  4. Recover all cards during Recovery Phase, so you can play Number 1, 2, and 3 again.
  5. etc.

Outside of Recovery Phase, Rest and Recover can also be caused by card effects. These kind of effects mostly found in Light L.png and Water Wa.png attribute cards. Some of those cards can even cause an opponent's card to be permanently Rested without the possibility of Recover, and served either as a disabler (cannot activate Rest.png ability), defensive purposes (cannot attack), or offensive purposes (cannot block).