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Remove from Game (also known as RFG or Exile) is the act of putting cards from anywhere into Removed Area,


Bedivere is an example of card that removes a resonator from game.

"To remove a card from the game, move the card to the Removed Area."

Remove from Game is arguably the strongest removal in the game, since it involves the Removed Area, which is a Zone with the least interact-ability in Force of Will. Some cards or abilities can retrieve cards from Removed Area, but it's very restricted and very dedicated to a specific deck.

Like Bounce, Remove from Game is a removal that can get around Destruction-process, but it's more permanent and more expensive in the cards cost.

Remove from Game abilities are mostly found in both Light L.png and Darkness D.png attribute cards as the form of 'stronger' removal and Graveyard control.

However, recently it's also found in Fire F.png attribute, although it served as a form of Self-Milling drawback.