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Released In: Battle for Attoractia
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Rabbit is a race in the Force of Will trading card game.


Rabbit is a race introduced in Battle for Attoractia.

They are cute and cuddly Servants of Kaguya, expendable fodder, and have general anti-aggro/Will generating abilities.

List of Rabbit J-Rulers/Rulers[]

There are currently no Rulers or J-Rulers with the Rabbit race.

List of Rabbit Resonators[]

Wi.png Moonbreeze Rabbit
L.png Rabbit of Moonlit Nights
Wa.png Rabbit of the Aqua Moon
Wa.pngWi.png Moon View Rabbit


Support Card: Card Type: Card Ability:
Kaguya, Rabbit Princess of the Lunar Halo Resonator [Awakening]

Moon.pngVoid 1.png: When this card enters your field, you may search your main deck for up to four Rabbit resonators with total cost 1 and put them into your field. Then shuffle your main deck.

Rabbit Trap Chant [Trigger]

When a J/resonator your opponent controls attacks you: Put up to three target Rabbits with total cost 1 from your graveyard into your field.