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This Ruler can J-activate into D'Artagnan, the Bayoneteer .
Puss in Boots
Puss in Boots.jpg
Attribute(s): Wind Wi.png
Card Type: Ruler
Race(s): Fairy Tale / Cat
Abilities: [J-Activate] Pay Void 9.png : If you control "Athos, the Three Musketeers", you may pay Void 3.png less to play this ability. So does "Aramis, the Three Musketeers" and "Porthos, the Three Musketeers".

[Continuous] You may pay Void 1.png less to play Musketeer resonators.

Flavor Text:
"Give me my boots, my hat and good company, then there's nothing I can't do!"
Sets and Rarity
[Grimm Cluster] The Crimson Moon's Fairy Tale
(CMF-074 — Rare)