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Released In: King of the Mountain
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Panda is a Race introduced in the Reiya Cluster.


Like the name suggests, the Panda race is comprised entirely of anthropomorphic pandas. They appear to have a medieval motif, with all of the members thus far being knights.


The Pandas revealed so far are heavily reliant on Gems; many of them gain certain abilities when you control or banish gems of a particular Attribute.

List of Panda Rulers/J-Rulers[]

L.png Taegrus Pearlshine (Ruler) / L.png Taegrus Pearlshine, Lord of the Mountain (J-Ruler)

List of Panda Resonators[]

L.png Diamond, the One-Eyed Treasury

L.png Gem Blade Emerald

L.png Gem Blade Onyx

L.png Gem Blade Ruby

L.png Gem Blade Sapphire

L.png Gem Minister Garnet

L.png Heavy Arms Panda

L.png Panda Acrobat

L.png Shin-Shin&Rei-Rei, Acrobatic Twins