Nyarlathotep, the Usurper
Nyarlathotep, the Usurper.jpg
Attribute(s): Darkness D.png
Card Type: Resonator
Race(s): Cthulhu
Cost: 4D.pngD.pngVoid 2.png
ATK/DEF: 800 / 800
Abilities: [Incarnation] D.png, D.png or F.png (You may banish one darkness resonator and one fire or darkness resonator rather than pay this card's cost.)

[Enter] You may look at target player's hand and choose a card. He or she discards that card.

Flavor Text:
He used to steal to anyone: both enemies and allies.
Sets and Rarity
[Grimm Cluster] The Millennia of Ages
(MOA-049 — Rare)
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