New Valhalla Entry Set [Wind] is the Wind Wi starter deck for the New Valhalla Cluster.

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The deck contains:

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Card No. Quantity Name Type Attribute Rarity
SDV4-001 1 Chamimi
Chamimi, Guardian of the Sacred Bow
Wind Wi Ruler
SDV4-002 4 Chiyome, the Captivating Kunoichi Resonator Wind Wi Super Rare
SDV4-003 1 Elephant Rush!! Master Rune Wind Wi Rare
SDV4-004 4 Fairy of the Lost Isles Resonator Wind Wi Common
SDV4-005 1 Forest Meditation Rune Wind Wi Common
SDV4-006 1 Fuhma Shuriken Rune Wind Wi Common
SDV4-007 4 Grand Mallet Warrior Resonator Wind Wi Super Rare
SDV4-008 1 Hanzo
Hanzo, Chief of the Kouga
Wind Wi Ruler
SDV4-009 4 Huge Toad Resonator Wind Wi Common
SDV4-010 4 Jiraiya, the Toad User Resonator Wind Wi Uncommon
SDV4-011 4 Mu, the Hero of the Greatshield Resonator Wind Wi Common
SDV4-012 4 Pygmy Hippo Resonator Wind Wi Common
SDV4-013 1 Raft Downstream Rune Wind Wi Uncommon
SDV4-014 1 Rapid Fire Mi-!! Rune Wind Wi Common
SDV4-015 4 Sanctuary Elephant Resonator Wind Wi Uncommon
SDV4-016 1 Sealing Scroll Master Rune Wind Wi Rare
SDV4-017 1 Shadow Step Rune Wind Wi Common
SDV4-018 1 Snipe Away Mi-!! Rune Wind Wi Common
SDV4-019 4 Soot Sprite Resonator Wind Wi Common
SDV4-020 1 Spirited Away Rune Wind Wi Uncommon
SDV4-021 4 The Hundred Eyed One Resonator Wind Wi Common
SDV4-022 1 Whirlwind Technique Rune Wind Wi Common
SDV4-023 12 Wind Magic Stone Basic Magic Stone Wind Wi Common