New Valhalla Entry Set [Darkness] is the Darkness D starter deck for the New Valhalla Cluster.

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The deck contains:

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Card No. Quantity Name Type Attribute Rarity
SDV5-001 4 Armaros, the Fallen Angel of Nullification Resonator Darkness D Uncommon
SDV5-002 1 Black Rosario Master Rune Darkness D Rare
SDV5-003 1 Cycle of Death Master Rune Darkness D Rare
SDV5-004 1 Demon Division Rune Darkness D Common
SDV5-005 4 Fanatic of Grief Resonator Darkness D Common
SDV5-006 4 Fleurety Resonator Darkness D Common
SDV5-007 4 Immortal Commander Resonator Darkness D Uncommon
SDV5-008 1 Jet-Black Wings Rune Darkness D Uncommon
SDV5-009 1 Lich
Lich, the Saint of Death
Darkness D Ruler
SDV5-010 4 Lower Fallen Angel Resonator Darkness D Common
SDV5-011 1 Lucifer
Lucifer, the Fallen Angel of Sorrow
Darkness D Ruler
SDV5-012 4 Patchwork Frankenstein Resonator Darkness D Common
SDV5-013 1 Putrefy Rune Darkness D Common
SDV5-014 1 Scythe of the Reaper Rune Darkness D Common
SDV5-015 4 Shemhaza, the Fallen Angel of Sadism Resonator Darkness D Super Rare
SDV5-016 4 Skeleton Horde Resonator Darkness D Common
SDV5-017 1 Specter Rush Rune Darkness D Uncommon
SDV5-018 1 Sword of Lament Rune Darkness D Common
SDV5-019 1 Tears of the Fallen Rune Darkness D Common
SDV5-020 1 Undeath Rune Darkness D Common
SDV5-021 4 Vlad, the Insatiable Resonator Darkness D Super Rare
SDV5-022 4 Wanderer of the Abyss Resonator Darkness D Common
SDV5-023 12 Darkness Magic Stone Basic Magic Stone Darkness D Common
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