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Released In: The Millennia of Ages
Category for Myth.

Myth is a race in the Force of Will trading card game.


Myth is a race based on the people from mythologies and stories that explains nature, history and customs.

List of Myth Rulers/J-Rulers[]

Wind Wi.png Great Sky Sage, Sun Wukong

List of Myth Resonators[]

F.png Susanowo, the Ten-Fist Sword
F.png The Ox King
F.png Fiery Chariot, Red Boy
L.png Tsukuyomi Noble
Wa.png Muse, Celestial of Music
L.png Izanagi, Keeper of the Seal
Wind Wi.png Sha Wujing
Wind Wi.png Zhu Bajie
D.png Izanami, the Sealed Terror
D.png Loki, Being of the End


They are currently no cards that support Myths.