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Released In: Crimson Moon's Fairy Tale
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Musketeer is a race in the Force of Will trading card game.


Musketeer is a race based on the European soldiers armed with a bayonet in the early modern days.

In Force of Will, they support each other by producing extra Wi.png will and giving each other various abilities like [First Strike] and [Pierce].

List of Musketeer Rulers/J-Rulers[]

Wi.png D'Artagnan, the Bayoneteer (J-Ruler)

List of Musketeer Resonators[]

Wi.png Aramis, the Three Musketeers
Wi.png Athos, the Three Musketeers
F.png Calamity Jane
Wi.png Porthos, the Three Musketeers
Void.jpg Ryoma Sakamoto


Support Card: Card Type: Card Ability:
Aramis, the Three Musketeers Resonator [Enter] Produce Wi.png for each Musketeer resonator you control.
Musketeer's Bayonet Addition : Resonator [Continuous] Resonator with this gains [+400/+0]. If it's a Musketeer, it also gains [First Strike] and [Pierce].
Puss in Boots Ruler [J-Activate] Pay {9} : If you control "Athos, the Three Musketeers", you may pay {3} less to play this ability. So does "Aramis, the Three Musketeers" and "Porthos, the Three Musketeers".

[Continuous] You may pay Void 1.png less to play Musketeer resonators.