Magic Stone of Moon Shade
Category for Moon.

Moon Moon is a type of will introduced in the The Moon Priestess Returns booster pack.


It is confirmed that it will make a return in the new set, The Moonlit Savior, from the Alice Cluster block.

It is currently featured on Wererabbit resonators like Dark Shining Swordsman, as well as on Special Magic Stone's that can produce Moon Moon will.

It is also part of the J-activate and enter ability of Moon Princess of Stellar Wars / Kaguya, the Immortal Princess.

It can also provide an additional awakening ability for Apollobreak, the Moon Blast.

List of Moon cardsEdit

F Bloody Moon
D Black Moon
Wa Pale Moon
Wa Transparent Moon
Wa Tsukuyomi, the Moon City
L Tsukuyomi Noble
L Holy Moon of Pure Nights

List of Cards that produce Moon WillEdit


Support Card: Card Type: Card Ability:
Knight of the Solstice Resonator When this card enters your field, search your main deck for a Moon, reveal it and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your main deck.


  • Provides attack and defense addition as well as attack reduction.
  • Activates powerful enter and awakening abilities.