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Mephistopheles, the Abyssal Tyrant
Mephistopheles, the Abyssal Tyrant.jpg
Attribute(s): Darkness D.png
Card Type: Resonator
Race(s): Demon
Cost: 4D.pngD.pngVoid 2.png
ATK/DEF: 1500 / 1500
Abilities: [Flying] [Target Attack]

[Continuous] When this card becomes targeted by spells or abilities your opponent controls, he or she loses 500 life.

[Continuous] At the end of your turn, banish another resonator you control.

Flavor Text:
To summon an evil as dark as Mephistophele's, your soul is the very least of his requirements.
Sets and Rarity
[Grimm Cluster] The Castle of Heaven and The Two Towers
(TAT-083 — Super Rare)