This Ruler can J-activate into Melgis, the One Charmed by the Demon Sword .
Melgis, the Flame King
Melgis, the Flame King
Attribute: Fire F
Card Type: Ruler
Race(s): Seven Kings
Abilities: [J-Activate] Pay F F

F F: This card deals 200 damage to target opponent.

Flavor Text:
The top of the big volcano is occupied by the Kingdom of Certo, ruled by the Flame King. On this desolate land, the kingdom survives thanks to war, getting resources from other countries. For this reason, Certo need an extremely strong ruler.
Sets and Rarity:
[Alice Cluster] Starter Deck: Faria, the Sacred Queen and Melgis, the Flame King
(VS01-028 — Rare)
[Alice Cluster] The Seven Kings of the Lands
(SKL-027 — Rare)