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Medusa, the Dead Eye of Petrification
Medusa, the Dead Eye of Petrification.jpg
Attribute(s): Water Wa.png
Card Type: Resonator
Race(s): Gorgon
Cost: 3Wa.pngVoid 2.png
ATK/DEF: 600 / 600
Abilities: Whenever this card blocks or is blocked by a resonator, put that resonator on the bottom of its owner's main deck.

Wa.png: Gorgons you control gain [+200/+200] until end of turn. Play this ability only once per turn.

Flavor Text:
Once you lock your eyes with it,
regardless of your bond with reality,
you'll be deprived of your connection with the world.
Sets and Rarity
[Alice Cluster] The Seven Kings of the Lands
(SKL-041 — Super Rare)