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Feethsing, the Holy Wind Stone, a True Magic Stone from the Grimm Cluster.

Magic Stones are cards that produce Will.

They come in 5 different attributes: Light L.png, Fire F.png, Water Wa.png, Wind Wi.png, and Darkness D.png.

Void Void.jpg and Moon Moon.png also exist.


Magic Stones make up their own deck, known as the Magic Stone Deck, and do not occupy space in the Main Deck.

A Magic Stone is produced by putting your Ruler into a Rest state during the Main Phase.

There are three types of Magic Stones:

  • Basic Magic Stone
  • Special Magic Stone
  • True Magic Stone

True Magic Stones are a subtype of Special Magic Stones, but not all Special Magic Stones are treated as True Magic Stones.

Will of a specific attribute is then produced by tapping (resting) a Magic Stone of the same attribute. (e.g. resting a Flame Magic Stone will produce 1 Flame WIll).

Unused Will does not carry over to the next turn.

List of Magic Stones

Basic Magic Stones:

True Magic Stones:

Special Magic Stones:



  • For a list of Magic Stones, see here.