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This J-Ruler is the J-activated side of Machina, the Machine Lord .
Machina, the Mechanical Emperor
Machina, the Mechanical Emperor.jpg
Attribute(s): Void Void.jpg
Card Type: J-Ruler
Race(s): Seven Kings
ATK/DEF: 800 / 800
Abilities: When this card enters your field, you may put up to three resonators and/or additions with no attribute from your hand into your field.

Banish a resonator with no attribute: Prevent all damage that would be dealt to this card until end of turn.

God's Art <Invincible Soldiers> Void 3.png: Resonators with no attribute you control cannot be destroyed this turn. (Play God's Art only once per game.)

Flavor Text:
"Go Marybell, with this fight we'll test your abilities."
Sets and Rarity
[Alice Cluster] The Seven Kings of the Lands
(SKL-087J — Rare)