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Little Girl
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Released In: Crimson Moon's Fairy Tale
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Little Girl is a race in the Force of Will trading card game.


Little Girl is a race based on the common girl protagonists from many different fairy tales.

In Force of Will, they are Rulers with unique abilities.

List of Little Girl Rulers/J-Rulers[]

F.png Little Red Riding Hood (Ruler)/ Little Red, the Wolf Girl (J-Ruler)
Wa.png Alice in Wonderland (Ruler) / Alice, the Drifter in the World (J-Ruler)
Wa.png Moon Princess of Stellar Wars (Ruler) Kaguya, the Immortal Princess (J-Ruler)
Wi.png Crimson Girl in the Sky (Ruler) Little Red, the True Fairy Tale (J-ruler)
Wi.png Refrain, Child of Convergence (J-ruler)

List of Little Girl Resonators[]

L.png Kaguya, Rabbit Princess of the Lunar Halo


They are currently no cards that support Little Girls.