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Category for Light.

Light L.png is one of the 5 attributes in the Force of Will trading card game.


A kingdom spread across the plains of Valhalla.

Knights, Monks, and Angels promote justice and righteousness, and will strive to bring peace to Valhalla, and subdue all that stands in their path of honor.


  • Numerous card effects improving DEF of individual resonators, or in some cases reducing all damage taken.
  • Effects to heal or bolster Life Points.
  • Blessed by the Gods, they easily create Light Will to assist in the casting of spells or summoning more Light resonators to assist in the fight against evil.
  • Light practitioners are masters of the wiping all resonators from the field. When the battle enters into a stalemate or when Light is under pressure, the Forces of Light can easily resort to this tactic to turn the tables and gain the advantage.