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Life or Life Points, is a number of injuries a player could take in the game.


Temple Monk can give you a chance to survive a turn.

Life is some sort of value all players have. Each player starts the game with 4000 Life. Any increase in a player's Life is called "Gain Life", and any decrease in a Player's Life is called "Lose Life". If a Player has 0 Life or less, he/she loses the game immediately.

Life served as an important factor in Force of Will card game, because it determines which player should win and which player should lose. Because one of the game objective is required a player to deplete his opponent's Life to 0 to win the game.

Like has been mentioned before, Life can be gained and can be lost. There's several factor in the game that can cause a player gain or lose Life.

Gain Life[]

Life can be gained as a result of card abilities and/or effects. Most Life gain effects are found in Light L.pngand Darkness D.png attribute cards. The difference is the former caused a player to gain massive Life in one action, and the Life Gain flavor represents "as a gift of heavens". Meanwhile, the latter is more limited and the flavor represents "draining the life force/blood of others". These kind of "Life Drain"-ing effects are mostly found in Vampire cards.

Lose Life[]

Life can be lost because of several reason.

  1. Any damage, either by battle resolution or card abilities, caused a Player to lose life.
  2. A card effect that caused a player to lose life. Such as Life-Draining effect or direct "Lose Life" effect.
  3. A Life payment as a cost to use spells or abilities. Mostly found in Darkness D.png attribute cards.

Overall, Life is one of the most important things a player should keep check about, because it may cost him/her a game. Most of aggro or tempo (damage race) based deck has Life factor as the main concern, other than card advantage.