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Vafthruthnir, the Frost Giant, a J-Ruler from the Valhalla Cluster, and also the J-Ruler form of Monument of Wisdom.

J-Rulers (also known as Judgment Rulers) are card types that take form from a certain Ruler, bestowing it with powerful abilities.


  • J-Rulers are placed on the Field after being flipped over from its Ruler side, and may participate in Battles.
  • A J-Ruler has separate Abilities from its other side.
  • When a J-Rulers that has 0 DEF or less is destroyed, it doesn't go to the graveyard, it is sent back to the Ruler Area, keeping the J-Ruler side up. The J-Ruler then loses all its abilities and its ATK and DEF. (It may however still Rest.png Rest and call Magic Stones)
    • This is referred to as an "Astral Ruler".
  • J-Rulers can't be targeted by Spells or Abilities that target a Resonator, but can be targeted by cards that choose a "J/Resonator".
  • J-Rulers cannot attack or use activated abilities with Rest.png included in required action the turn it was flipped from [Judgment] / [J-Activate]. (Unless the J-Ruler has Swiftness)
  • During the Main Phase, a J-Ruler may be Rest.png Rested to call the top of the Magic Stone Deck into your Magic Stone Area.
    • Activated ability of J-ruler with Rest.png included in required action can be played if it's in your field continuously from the beginning of your turn.
  • A J-Ruler in the Ruler Area cannot be targeted with [Addition: J-ruler] or [Addition: J/resonator] cards.


  • For a list of J-Rulers, see here.