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Released In: Crimson Moon's Fairy Tale
Category for Human.

Human is a race in the Force of Will trading card game.


A common race found on Rulers and Resonators, they are commonly mixed with the Fairy Tale race.

List of Human Rulers/J-Rulers[]

L.png Grimm, the Fairy Tale Prince (Ruler)
Wa.png Nameless Girl (Ruler) / Jeanne d'Arc, the Flame of Hatred (J-Ruler)
Void.jpg Pandora, Girl of the Box (Ruler) / L.png Pandora of Light (J-Ruler) or D.png Pandora of Dark (J-Ruler)
L.png Sacred Princess of Guidance (Ruler) / Lumia, the Creator of Hope (J-Ruler)
Wa.png Seer of the Blue Moon (Ruler) / Kaguya, Princess of the Moon (J-Ruler)
Wa.png Moon Princess of Stellar Wars (Ruler)
F.png Snow White (Ruler) / Bloody Snow White (J-Ruler)
Wi.png Liberator of Wind (Ruler)
F.png Lunya, the Wolf Girl (Ruler)
L.png/F.png Lumia, the Fated Rebirth (Ruler) / Lumia, Saint of the Crimson Lotus (J-Ruler)

List of Human Resonators[]

L.png Abel, the Avenger of Gods
D.png Acolyte of Darkness
L.png Aesop, the Prince's Tutor
Wi.png Ali Baba, The Earnest Worker
L.png/Wa.png Alice, the Guardian of Dimensions
L.png Almerius, the Magus of Light
F.png Apostle of Cain
L.png Blinded Prince
Wa.png Charles VII
D.png Cinderella, the Ashen Maiden
L.png Clothes Tailor
L.png Don Quijote, the Wandering Knight
Wi.png Elite Commander
F.png Emissary of Another Dimension
Wa.png Emperor of Millennia
F.png Flame Dragon Commandant
F.png Forty Thieves
L.png Gem Craftsman
L.png Gem Trader
F.png/Wa.png Gherta, the Tear of Passion
Wa.png/Wi.png Giovanni, the Lonely Child
F.png Granny by the Fireplace
Wi.png Gretel
D.png Grusbalesta, the Keeper of Magic Stones
L.png Guardian of Tower
L.png Grimm, the Avenger of Fairy Tales
L.png Grimm, the Heroic King of Aspiration
Wi.png Hansel
Wi.png Hansel and Gretel
L.png Holy Warrior of Hope
F.png Hunter in Black Forest
D.png Hyde, the Chaos
Wa.png Joyful Bird-Catcher
F.png Jabal, the Grandsire of Nomads
L.png Jeanne d'Arc, the Awakening Purity
L.png Jekyll, the Order
F.png Jubal, the Grandsire of Musicians
L.png Juliet, the Hope
L.png Kaguya, the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter
Wa.png Kai, the Frozen Heart
L.png King's Servant
L.png Knight of Loyalty
F.png Little Red, the Hope of Millennia
L.png Lumia, the Saint Lady of World Rebirth
Wa.png Lunya, the Liar Girl
Wi.png Morgiana, the Wise Servant
Wa.png One-Inch Boy
L.png Pandora, the Princess of History Chanter
Wi.png Pricia, Beast Queen in Hiding
L.png Rapunzel, the Long-Haired Princess
Wa.png Riina, the Girl with Nothing
Wa.png Sailor of Shangri-La
Wa.png Seashore Fisherman
L.png Seeking Sky Soldier
L.png/D.png Seth, the Arbiter
D.png Sheharyar, the Distrust King
Wi.png Sinbad, the Windrider Merchant
L.png Sleeping Beauty
Wa.png Squire of the Ocean Lady
L.png The Queen's Butler
Wa.png Trader of Shangri-La
Wi.png Travelling Trader
L.png Zero, the Flashing Mage-Warrior
D.png Zero, the Magus of Null


Support Card: Card Type: Card Ability:
Light Palace, the King's Castle Addition : Field (Castle) [Continuous] Each Human you control gains [+200/+200].
Charles VII Resonator [Activate] Pay (1), banish a Human resonator: Draw a card.

[Activate] Pay (1), banish a Human resonator: Return target resonator to its owner's hand.

Voice of the False God Spell : Chant - Instant Banish a resonator you control. If you do, draw two cards. If you banished a Human in this way, draw three cards instead.
Jeanne d'Arc, the Awakening Purity Resonator [Continuous] Each turn, prevent the first damage that would be dealt to a Fantasy or Human J/resonator you control instead.

[Awakening] L.png : [Enter] You may put a nonspell Fantasy card from your hand into your field. (You may pay an additional L.png as you play this card. If you do, this card gains the following ability.)


Anti-Support Card: Card Type: Card Ability:
Purifying Fire Spell : Chant Choose one. If your Ruler is 'Nameless Girl' or your J-Ruler is 'Jeanne d'Arc, the Flame of Hatred', choose up to two instead - This card deals 700 damage to target player, or this card deals 1000 damage to target Human.
Jeanne d'Arc, the Flame of Hatred J-Ruler [Enter] Destroy all other Humans.

[Activate] Rest.png : Prevent all damage from target Human resonator until end of turn.

[Activate] Pay F.png Void 1.png : This card deals 500 damage to target Human.

Carmilla, the Queen of Vampires Resonator [Enter] Destroy target non-Vampire resonator. If your Ruler is 'Alucard, the Dark Noble' or your J-Ruler is 'Dracula, the Demonic One', and the resonator destroyed this way is a Human, put it into your field under your control. It loses all races and becomes a Vampire.