Grimm, the Legendary King of Fairy Tales
Grimm, the Legendary King of Fairy Tales
Attribute(s): Light L
Card Type: Resonator
Race(s): Human
Cost: 3LLVoid 1
ATK/DEF: 800 / 800
Abilities: Resonators you control and resonators you own in non-field zones gain Fairy Tale in addition to their own races.

This card fains "Whenever this card attacks or blocks ⇒ [Force]1. This card gains [+X00/+X00] until end of turn, where X is the result of the roll." as long as your J§/ruler is Millium, Prince of the Light Palace or Millium, Voice of a New Generation.

Flavor Text:
Fairy Tales share bonds that span any distance.
Sets and Rarity
[Lapis Cluster] Vingolf 3: Ruler All Stars
(VIN003-006 — Super Rare)