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Released In: The Dawn of Valhalla
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Golem is a race in the Force of Will trading card game.


Golem is a race that is based on the anthropomorphic beings magically created entirely from inanimate matter. 

In Force of Will, they are very defensive resonators with a wide array of abilities.

List of Golem Rulers/J-Rulers[]

There are currently no Rulers or J-Rulers with the Golem race

List of Golem Resonators[]

F.png Exploding Rock Golem
Wa.png Gear Golem, the Magical Soldier
L.png Magic Light Warrior
L.png Magic Shield Warrior
L.png Magic Sword Warrior
L.png Ultimate Magic Warrior, Gear Atmos
Wa.png Wall of Blizzard


They are currently no cards that support Golems.