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Game of Gods is the thirty first English expansion in the Trading Card Game.


While Faria and the others were heading to the Demonic World to fight, a new threat to Re-Earth was arising. New Valhalla was still in a stalemate and Loki was looking for a new place to fight. And her target was Re-Earth, reincarnated by the power of Zeus (Kaguya's Time Spinning). Re-Earth is also the source of Alice’ s and Kaguya's power, and Loki's goal is to absorb that power.

When the Demonic World is liberated by Faria and her team, Loki does not help Satan, but instigates Shiva to attack Re-Earth. However, Oborozuki notices Loki's plot and tries to stop it with Nyarlathotep's help.

The ultimate battle between the high gods begins, involving tales and villains from all dimensions.

In this story, Shiva's world and Re-Earth (Zeus's world) clash, but Ma'at (Nyarlathotep's world and formerly Atum's world) intervenes, forcing all involved parties to duel in the arena of Ma'at, where Nyarlathotep now rules as Game Master.

Tales and Villains begin their duels under the strict rules of Nyarlathotep's world.


Set Breakdown[]

88 different cards in total.

  • Rulers: 4
  • Marvel Rares: 5
  • Super Rares: 15
  • Rares: 22
  • Normals: 42
  • One pack will contain ten cards (six normals, one rare/super rare/marvel rare, one foil, one basic magic stone, and one token).
  • One box will contain 36 packs, as well as a promo card.


Card List[]

Card No. Name Type Attribute Rarity
GOG-001 Artillerist of Faith Resonator Light L.png Normal
GOG-002 Brunhild, Sign of Faith Resonator Light L.png Super Rare
GOG-003 Choir of the Valkyries Chant Light L.png Normal
GOG-004 Hegel, Giant of the Dark Sun Resonator Light L.png Rare
GOG-005 Kara, Swift Valkyrie Resonator Light L.png Normal
GOG-006 Keep the Faith! Chant Light L.png Normal
GOG-007 Light Mage of Ma'at Resonator Light L.png Normal
GOG-008 Misteltein, Dark Sword Saint Resonator Light L.png Marvel Rare
GOG-009 Odin Enters the Game of Gods Chant Light L.png Super Rare
GOG-010 Odin's Intimidation Chant Light L.png Normal
GOG-011 Praying Valkyrie Resonator Light L.png Normal
GOG-012 Randgrid Resonator Light L.png Rare
GOG-013 Repeating Faith Revival Chant Light L.png Normal
GOG-014 Soldier of Minerva Resonator Light L.png Normal
GOG-015 The Holy Sword of Misteltein Addition Light L.png Rare
GOG-016 Wind of Asgard Chant Light L.png Rare
GOG-017 Ambushing Scorpion Resonator Fire F.png Normal
GOG-018 Barbatos, Aspiring Ascendant Resonator Fire F.png Rare
GOG-019 Cthulhu's Intimidation Chant Fire F.png Normal
GOG-020 Explosive Withdrawal Chant Fire F.png Normal
GOG-021 Flame Soldier of Ma'at Resonator Fire F.png Normal
GOG-022 Flaming Salamander Resonator Fire F.png Normal
GOG-023 Isis, Heat of the Sand Resonator Fire F.png Super Rare
GOG-024 Magic Stone Dance of Chaos Chant Fire F.png Super Rare
GOG-025 Melua, Mage of Ma'at Resonator Fire F.png Rare
GOG-026 Phantasmal Ascendant Resonator Fire F.png Normal
GOG-027 Rebirth of Flaming Disaster Chant Fire F.png Rare
GOG-028 Red Flame Chant Fire F.png Normal
GOG-029 Red Riding Hood, Crimson Wolf Resonator Fire F.png Marvel Rare
GOG-030 Spirit of Ma'at Resonator Fire F.png Normal
GOG-031 Sudden Manifestation of Power Chant Fire F.png Normal
GOG-032 This Means War! Chant Fire F.png Rare
GOG-033 Fairy of Trickery Resonator Water Wa.png Normal
GOG-034 Fenrir Resonator Water Wa.png Rare
GOG-035 Garmheld Resonator Water Wa.png Marvel Rare
GOG-036 Giants, Advance! Chant Water Wa.png Normal
GOG-037 Loki Enters the Game of Gods Chant Water Wa.png Rare
GOG-038 Loki's Curse Chant Water Wa.png Normal
GOG-039 Loki's Deception Chant Water Wa.png Super Rare
GOG-040 Masked Giant of Trickery Resonator Water Wa.png Normal
GOG-041 Roar of the Underground Giant Chant Water Wa.png Normal
GOG-042 Skidbladnir, Magical Sailing Ship Addition Water Wa.png Rare
GOG-043 Underground Giant Resonator Water Wa.png Normal
GOG-044 Volmol, Snake of Knowledge Resonator Water Wa.png Super Rare
GOG-045 Water Mage of Ma'at Resonator Water Wa.png Normal
GOG-046 And War it Shall Be! Chant Wind Wi.png Normal
GOG-047 Fiethsing, 100 Years of Wizardry Resonator Wind Wi.png Marvel Rare
GOG-048 Gale of the Moon Chant Wind Wi.png Normal
GOG-049 Galileo, Polymath Resonator Wind Wi.png Rare
GOG-050 Hanzo, Ninja of the Moon Resonator Wind Wi.png Super Rare
GOG-051 Kaguya Enters the Game of Gods Chant Wind Wi.png Super Rare
GOG-052 Kaguya's Moonwatching Chant Wind Wi.png Normal
GOG-053 Kotaro, Ninja of Silence Resonator Wind Wi.png Rare
GOG-054 Mimi Tribe Spectator Resonator Wind Wi.png Normal
GOG-055 Moon Rabbit Spectator Resonator Wind Wi.png Normal
GOG-056 Ninja of Silence Resonator Wind Wi.png Normal
GOG-057 Rabbit Ninja Resonator Wind Wi.png Rare
GOG-058 Wind Knight of Ma'at Resonator Wind Wi.png Rare
GOG-059 Wind Moon Addition (Moon) Wind Wi.png Normal
GOG-060 Call of Darkness Chant Darkness D.png Normal
GOG-061 Dark Mage of Ma'at Resonator Darkness D.png Normal
GOG-062 Dark Sun Addition Darkness D.png Super Rare
GOG-063 Falling from Fate Chant Darkness D.png Normal
GOG-064 Night Moon Addition (Moon) Darkness D.png Normal
GOG-065 Phantasmal Scarlet Chant Darkness D.png Super Rare
GOG-066 Schmel, Giant of Distrust Resonator Darkness D.png Super Rare
GOG-067 Soulstealing Valkyrie Resonator Darkness D.png Normal
GOG-068 Arena Expansion: Asgard Addition Light L.png/Wind Wi.png/Darkness D.png Rare
GOG-069 Arena Expansion: Eien no Tsuki no Miyako Addition (Moon) Light L.png/Water Wa.png/Wind Wi.png Rare
GOG-070 Arena Expansion: R'lyeh Addition Light L.png/Fire F.png/Darkness D.png Rare
GOG-071 Arena Expansion: Utgard Addition (Giant) Water Wa.png/Wind Wi.png/Darkness D.png Rare
GOG-072 Calamity Shield Chant Light L.png/Fire F.png Normal
GOG-073 Demon Beast of Hellfire Resonator Fire F.png/Darkness D.png Normal
GOG-074 Dogra Magra Chant Light L.png/Fire F.png/Darkness D.png Super Rare
GOG-075 Double Bind Chant Water Wa.png/Darkness D.png Normal
GOG-076 Gungnir, Magic Spear of Devotion Chant Light L.png/Wind Wi.png/Darkness D.png Super Rare
GOG-077 Huginn and Muninn Resonator Light L.png/Darkness D.png Rare
GOG-078 Kaguya, God of Cats and the Moon
Order of the Moon
Light L.png/Water Wa.png/Wind Wi.png
Void Void.jpg
GOG-079 Loki, Master of Trickery
Order of Trickery
Water Wa.png/Wind Wi.png/Darkness D.png
Void Void.jpg
GOG-080 Loki's Strategy Chant Water Wa.png/Wind Wi.png/Darkness D.png Super Rare
GOG-081 Nyarlathotep, Game Master
Order of Chaos
Light L.png/Fire F.png/Darkness D.png
Void Void.jpg
GOG-082 Odin, God of War
Order of Faith
Light L.png/Wind Wi.png/Darkness D.png
Void Void.jpg
GOG-083 Odin's Gloom Chant Light L.png/Darkness D.png Normal
GOG-084 Seal of Wind and Water Chant Water Wa.png/Wind Wi.png Normal
GOG-085 Teachings of the Moon Chant Light L.png/Water Wa.png/Wind Wi.png Super Rare
GOG-086 Ma'at, World of Duels and Ascendants Addition Void Void.jpg Marvel Rare
GOG-087 The Tales' Magic Stone Special Magic Stone Void Void.jpg Rare
GOG-088 The Villains' Magic Stone Special Magic Stone Void Void.jpg Rare
GOG-089 Darkness Magic Stone Basic Magic Stone Darkness D.png No Rarity
GOG-090 Fire Magic Stone Basic Magic Stone Fire F.png No Rarity
GOG-091 Light Magic Stone Basic Magic Stone Light L.png No Rarity
GOG-092 Water Magic Stone Basic Magic Stone Water Wa.png No Rarity
GOG-093 Wind Magic Stone Basic Magic Stone Wind Wi.png No Rarity