Force of Will TCG Wiki

Formats are different modes in which the Force of Will trading card game can be played.

Each format provides rules for deck construction and gameplay.


Format: Blocks:
Origin/Valhalla Sets onward from Valhalla Cluster
Origin/Bifrost Sets onward from Valhalla Cluster
Valhalla Format Valhalla Cluster
Grimm Format Grimm Cluster
Alice Format Alice Cluster
Lapis Format Lapis Cluster
Reiya Format Reiya Cluster
New Valhalla Format New Valhalla Cluster
Alice Origin Format Alice Origin Cluster
Saga Format Saga Cluster
Duel Format Duel Cluster
Hero Format Hero Cluster
New Frontiers Hero Cluster and Duel Cluster
Wanderer Sets onward from Grimm Cluster


Cards from all released sets and non-sets are legal for the Origin Format.

  • Origin format may be played in two different modes:
    • Origin/Valhalla uses the Lifebreak ability.
    • Origin/Bifrost doesn't use the Lifebreak ability.

Only cards from the Valhalla cluster of sets are legal for the Valhalla Format (Valhalla).

  • Valhalla Format uses the Lifebreak ability.

List of Clusters[]

Valhalla Cluster

Grimm Cluster

Alice Cluster

Lapis Cluster

Reiya Cluster

New Valhalla Cluster

Alice Origin Cluster

Saga Cluster

Duel Cluster

Hero Cluster