Force of Will TCG Wiki

Flicker or Blink is a slang term for the act of "removing a card from the game and return it back into its owner's field".


An example of a card that "flickers".

There are no specified rules of Flickering in Force of Will, but there are few things that are common.

  1. Flickering removes a card from the field, then made it enters the field again.
  2. If a card is removed from the field, and it somehow enters the field again, it's treated as different cards.

According to the reasons above, Flickering arguably becomes the most versatile effect in the game. Because it can be used for the following reason:

  1. To evade a targeted removal or a targeted debuff.
  2. To prevent an Addition to be added to a Resonator.
  3. To reset all damage suffered by a Resonator.
  4. To remove all counters from a card.
  5. To abuse ETB and LTB trigger condition of a card.

In Force of Will, Flickering ability is mostly used by Light attribute. The notable Light cards that use flickering are Dream of Juliet and Lumia, the Fated Rebirth.