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Field is a gameplay area in the Force of Will trading card game.


The place where Resonators, J-Rulers and Additions are played. The game starts with nothing on the Field. The player may place cards on the Field (=to play them) if the conditions (e.g., the card's cost) are met. The cards must be placed in such a way that ever player can see them clearly.

Comprehensive Rules[]

3.6. Field

  • The zone player puts his or her J-ruler, resonators and additions.
  • Each player has his or her field, its public and order of the cards are not managed.
  • In a field, a card has specified orientation, recovered or rested.
  • If a text refers "resonator", "J-ruler" or "Addition" without the zone it's in, it refers a card with specific type in a field.
  • Each player can see face down side of J-ruler card in a field.